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Lesson 9 – Part 4 – Upgrade Customization Files

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Replace Templates with Shopp’s Automatic Function

Rick: However, we have done a bunch of customization to this. That’s really the next thing we have to do then is update the templates with the new templates while at the same time, preserving those templates that we changed. If we come back over and look at the themes, Thesis 1.8.2, Shopp and we just look at the last modified date, Shopp CSS side product cart checkout product and category were the only ones that we changed. We didn’t change any of the rest of them so what we’re going to do then is delete all these other files and we’re going to let Shopp replace them.

All those other template files are gone and what we’re going to do next is use Shopp’s automatic function for replacing the missing templates. If we come back over here under Setup and Presentation, when you click reinstall missing templates, now it will add all of the new templates that Shopp has added to the system and it will replace all of the old ones that we just deleted with new versions. Our old versions are the ones that we actually customized will remain unchanged so if we refresh our Filezilla now, you can see we have all these new templates in here.

Download New File Versions to the Theme

We could just go up a level and download to our theme the new versions of the files. Now we have everything the way it should be and our changes still look right. Do you have subcategories? You do on your shooting sports, don’t you? Right. Under shooting sports then you can select… right.

Lanny: There wasn’t a chart before.

Rick: No, that is a new part that came with the new template so this is something that we can in fact, make go away if we want. We’ll do that here after we finish going through the rest of the stuff.

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