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Lesson 9 – Part 3 – Upgrade Shopp Add-ons

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We’ll take a tour of this in a few minutes but right now what we have is Shopp set up. It borrowed all the old settings but we need to update the, US Postal Service and Amazon S3 for this as well. There is no automatic way of doing that so we’re going to have to do that from FTP. Actually, I need to download those files.

Download the US Postal Service, Amazon S3 and

I can just go to my account and go to Downloads and we’re going to download the US Postal Service version 1.2.3. We’ll download Amazon S3 and we’ll download then we need to look at these in the folder. I guess I’ll just unzip this one and extract to here. I think I might have to delete these old ones first. I guess I’ll go back up here and unzip them again then unzip that one and unzip this one.

Now let’s see if those are all there for me,, Amazon S3, US Postal Service Rates. Now I’m going to copy those and go to where I have the site’s file stored. Let’s make sure I know where that is, Okay, perfect.

Now we’ll come back over to websites and the right location here. We go over to the plugins first and I’m going to paste those folders here but we’re going to actually move them. The US Postal Service Rates 1, we’re going to take the whole directory. We aren’t actually. We’re just taking the file, not the entire directory and going to shipping then pasting it here and we’ll delete this old one.

Update the US Postal Service Rates

Actually, what I should have done is I should have just renamed this old copy of the files and download the whole brand new one so that’s what we’ll do. That way, I still have an exact local copy of what’s on the site. Then we’re going to come back over here to Shopp old and go down to shipping. Oh no, not Shopp old, of course not, Shopp. Then we’ll delete the US Postal Service Rates folder and we’ll paste. We’re going to have to go back and get that, copy it, go back to shipping and paste it.

That was the shipping, it only takes the folder. The other two take the full directory. So Amazon S3, we will get and that’s under storage, we’ll just delete the old Amazon S3 and replace it with the new Amazon S3 and we’ll do the same thing with Gateways, we’ll take out the old and put in a new then we’ll just make sure we have those. We’ll upload gateways, storage, shipping.

Now our website should have the latest versions of our add-ons and we can just come over here and check and look at shipping for just a second just to make sure it’s working properly. No shipping method so we go back to US Postal Service Rates. It’s got these here. Which rates, Lanny, was it that you wanted to use?

Lanny: We use, of course, first class, priority mail.

Rick: Could you speak up?

Lanny: I think… I’m trying to remember. I know that… maybe she does partial post. I can’t think of anything else that she uses.

Setup Payment Via

Rick: Okay so we’ll save those changes. The US Postal Service thing is set up. We’ll come back over here and take a look at our storage to make sure the storage thing works properly. It looks like we have these things still set up okay. The other one is so payment and if we come back over and edit, we’ve got these already set up so I think we’re still good here.

Lanny: Did we need to select…

Rick: No, yeah we do need to select them so Visa, MasterCard, Discover?

Lanny: Yeah, I think she takes Discover.

Rick: Is that it? Just Visa, MasterCard, and Discover?

Lanny: We don’t take American Express anymore. No, that’s fine.

Rick: Now we have that all set up so the next thing to do is to take a look at our customization. As it sits right now, this shouldn’t have had any effect on the way this looks. All of our products should still look like this and all of our product images are coming up. We click on details, this all looks right. We might want to change the text out on some of these things where it’s really small like this. That basic function looks like it’s working properly though.

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