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Lesson 1 – Part 7 – Install Shopp Plugin

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Now we’re going to install Shopp on the online store and that is So I’ve done a little bit of basic formatting on this Thesis site. So what we have here is the WordPress 3.3 dashboard. It looks a little bit different than you’re used to seeing unless you’ve already installed the WordPress 3.3.

I’m not really going to talk about this but this is the friendly don’t panic screen with its writing in large, friendly letters. And it’s intended to help new people walk through their WordPress installation.

Install the Plugin and Addons

What you have to do is before you install Shopp is to buy the plugin. And for the purpose of this course for building an online store what we’ve done is we’ve bought a single site access. We bought the add-on We’ve bought the add-on for the US Postal Service and we’ve bought the add-on for Amazon S3. So in the course of this, we will be incorporating each of these things into Shopp.

And once you buy this, you end up with registration credentials that allow you to activate the software once it’s installed. Those registration credentials aren’t necessary for Shopp to actually run but they are necessary for it to be automatically upgraded or updated. Once you’ve made this purchase, you will have downloaded it to your computer and that’s where we’re starting right now.

Upload Shopp

We’re going to upload Shopp from here by selecting Add New and upload, choosing the file and selecting it from the place where we downloaded it which in my case, is under Downloads. And we’ll activate it, and that’s it. We have installed Shopp and it has now been activated and it’s version 1.1.9.

Introduction to Shopp

So if we go to Shopp and click on that button, you get this first screen. All of the actions happen over here in this drop down menu. You can check your orders. You can review your customers. You add and edit products and product categories. You can setup promotions. You address your settings. All that kind of stuff happens over here in this section. But before you do that, you get this screen which shows every time you activate Shopp. This essentially directs you to the official documentation which we’re going to go take a look at here.

Shopp Documentation

The documentation is not publicly available so in order for you to see it, you actually have to log in. But once you have logged in, you have this getting started system. New to Shopp is not a bad place to start. It talks a little bit about the pages and about the initial setup and the default catalog and that sort of thing. And also, it points you to in the direction of troubleshooting resources and then the community forums.

In the documentation once you get down to these API points, this is for programmers, really. This is fairly complicated stuff but it may be that you need to eventually use this. Most of this you can actually handle simply by reviewing these things or by going to the forum.

Shopp Forum

And the first thing to do is simply to search the forum for what you’re looking for. Again, it does require you to log in. It’s not a single site log in. You’ll have to log in for your Shopp credentials. You have to log in to the Support to get access to the documentation. You have to log in to a different site, essentially, to get to the forum. This is the documentation but you can also look at community support and look at the different questions that happen to be going on right now. You want to make sure that you skip the 1.2 Beta topics because, as I said, we’re not using 1.2 Beta. We’re using 1.1.9.

So anyway, you can search the Support forum for questions that you may have. I’ve never had to post a question on the forum. Anytime I was working on something that I needed to do, I could simply search on the forum and I’d find the answer. However, you do have the opportunity to post questions here as well and you can also post support questions to the staff there as well.

Shopp Setup

So next we’re going to continue over to setup. Lanny, I’m going to unmute your microphone here for just a second. Okay, this isn’t critical. We can do this later but Lanny, do you have your product activation key handy?

Lanny:  I emailed it to you. It’s in the same file.

Rick:  Oh is it in that zip file?

Lanny:  Yeah. There’s a document in there with it. I emailed it to you myself too.

Rick:  Oh okay. I didn’t really look. I actually have to download that then. Oh yeah, there’s your update key. Okay, perfect.

Okay so anyway, it’s not absolutely essential. This will actually activate without the activation key but the activation key does connect you up to their update server. And so when updates are available, you’ll be able to use automatic updates. We’re going to activate the key there. The keys are unique so we’ve activated it for this site. If we tried to use it on another site, it wouldn’t work.

We’re going to fill out all the rest of this next week when we do our set up for the online store. But I wanted to show you what happens once we did this. Now it has created this Shopp page and a cart page, a checkout page, and a your orders page. And these are the transaction related pages that we are going to use. We’re ultimately not going to use the page in this site but we’re going to leave it there. We just won’t reference it as we use the online store.

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