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Lesson 2 – Part 3 – Shopp Checkout Settings

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Shopp Order Confirmation

The next thing we’re going to do is go to our checkout. The order confirmation here is an action that happens upon pressing the button “Proceed to Checkout”. When the purchaser has put whatever they want in their shopping cart and they’re done shopping, they hit proceed to checkout. What this first option does is it tells them what the total is for taxed orders only. What happens when they hit “Proceed to Checkout”, it will calculate the tax, show them the total at that point and then ask them to confirm their purchase.

The second order confirmation option is to do that for every order. I recommend you do it only for taxed orders because for all the rest of the orders, it’s just one more way for your cart to be abandoned. But for tax orders, it’s the only way in which your customer will see the total amount prior to actually giving their credit card information. I think it’s a good thing to have for taxed orders.

Shopp Receipt emails

You may decide that you get too many emails and that you don’t want to see any more but I would send an email to both the customer and yourself so that you have a copy of the email that they were sent as well as whatever emails get sent to you by the system. You could always choose not to send one to yourself because it’s really just a copy of the receipt that’s sent to them. I’ll leave it to send to both at the moment.

Shopp Customer Accounts

The next thing you have here is the customer accounts. You can have no accounts whatsoever.  So a customer who never has an account has no way to log in and check their orders or anything like that.

Or you can enable account logins which means that when they make a purchase, they end up setting up an account that uses their email address as their login and they’ll be prompted to add a password.

Or you can take it one step further and enable account logins that are integrated into WordPress accounts. I think that this is totally useless for a store like you’re building. That’s nice for a WordPress membership site or something like that but there really isn’t any benefit for your buyers to have a membership account on your site.

However, there may be a benefit to enable account logins. The benefit here is that they can choose to store their information like their shipping details and that kind of stuff on your site. This means that they can just log in to their previous account and then the shipping details will automatically be populated. Or you can make them always essentially act as if they were anonymous and start from scratch. In this case, I would probably select enable auto account logins but that’s entirely up to you.

Lanny:  Yeah, that’s fine.

Shopp Order Number

The next thing is next order number. So Helen, if you’ve got an accounting system already that is counting your orders from Day 1 of the late 70’s, you can start your order numbering here. The next order doesn’t have to start with a 1. It could be 1,247 or whatever you want it to be here. You could choose to start your next order number at 1 for the time being while we’re testing and then you could scrap those order numbers entirely and start reordering again at the number that is appropriate, given your current accounting system.

Do you have an accounting system that tracks orders by order number?

Helen:  No. They do have an order number on our other site but I don’t use it when I transfer it over.

Rick:  Okay so that’s entirely up to you. You can start at number 1 or you can start it whatever you want. But that’s what that is there for. It’s just to pick an order number to start at.

Shopp Promotions Limit

Promotions limit is something we’re going to come back and talk about later when we start talking about promotions. But essentially, it says how many different promotions can be layered. So you might have a 25% discount on one thing and then you might have some other promotion that has another discount on something else. And you can choose to only allow 1 promotion per order per customer, right? Or some number, the number here is infinite right now. That is no limit of promotions. The chances are, you’re not going to have 25 promotions but this does anticipate the possibility that you have lots of different promotions and you want to limit the customer’s access to the promotions to a specific number per transaction.

Shopp Digital Product Downloads

A similar kind of thing exists for the digital product downloads. That is, this is the number of times somebody can download something that they’ve purchased from you. And the infinity symbol means there’s no limit. They can download it anytime they want, as many times as they want. Or you can place a download limit on the number of times it can be downloaded for a given purchase.

The same thing is true for a time limit. We are definitely going to do this with the time limit and I would probably set the time limit as 2 days. That is, a download link is only good for 2 days so that the download link you send them is only going to be good for an x amount of time. And if they need another one, they’ll have to request it. And I think that makes sense. But you could set it at no time limit and they can use that download link that they get emailed anytime they want.

Then we have IP Restriction. The IP restriction allows you to restrict the download to the computer the product is purchased from. So if you select this, the purchaser can download to a computer at the IP address where the original purchase was made.

This is intended to prevent fraud, right? It’s to prevent somebody from buying it and then sharing the link around so everybody in the world can make a download. The problem with the IP restriction though is that lots of people have dynamically assigned IP addresses. Also, if it’s not dynamically assigned and they change a hosting provider, for example if you get your internet access right now through Verizon but then you decide you’re going to change to a cable company, your IP address will have changed.

Then there are some people whose IP address changes every time their computer logs in to the internet. So that’s the problem with the IP restriction. I probably wouldn’t put it here unless you saw that there seem to be a lot of downloads of your product from a variety of address that you don’t recognize.

You could try this and see whether or not you have customer backlash. The good news about doing it this way is, of course, that you’ve already got their money so if they’re going to complain about it, they’re going to complain about it after they’ve paid you the money, not before. And chances are they’ll have tried to download it from the same place they purchased it. But if they’re sitting in Starbucks one morning and they say, “Oh gosh, I need to download that again.”, that’s not going to work for them as long as you’ve got that clicked.

We’ll save those changes and move on to Payments.

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