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Lesson 3 – Create the Product Catalog

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In this third lesson of our Build an Online Store Using Shopp we show how to create the product catalog. We begin with a discussion on how to organize product categories and then we show how to create them. After that we go into more detail showing how to create products with physical and digital variations and products with multiple variations.  We finish the lesson by going through Shopp’s default catalog display and then we show how to rearrange product categories.

How to Organize Product Categories – Watch the Video

  • Types of Products at Mental Management

  • Categories of Products for Mental Management

    • Activity
    • Cross Activity
  • Types of Products at Main Clinic Supply

  • Categories of Products for Main Clinic Supply

    • Health Category
    • Types of Medical Equipment

Create Product Categories – Watch the Video

  • Add Product Categories

    • Add product information
    • Add a product image
    • Product templates and menus

Create a Product with both physical and digital variations – Watch the Video

  • Add a New Product

    • Configure product for CD and download only
    • Add download file
    • Track inventory

Create a Product with multiple variations – Watch the Video

  • Add a Category for a Product with Multiple Variations
  • Add a Product
  • Products with Multiple Categories

Understanding the default Shopp catalog display – Watch the Video

  • Review Products on the Shopp Page

  • Use Shopp Shortcodes to Add Products to a Page

    • Display new products
    • Display products with a category ID
  • Review the Automatic System for Categories and Products

Rearrange product categories – Watch the Video

  • Review Categories on Main Clinic Supply
  • Create a New Category
  • Move Existing Categories to Sub-Categories

Multiple levels of product variations – Watch the Video

  • Review Products on Main Clinic Supply
  • Discuss Category Level and Product Variations
  • Add New Product Variations
    • Variation Options

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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