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Lesson 3 – Part 3 – Create a Product with both physical and digital variations

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Rick:  Now, let’s go to products in Shopp and we are going to add a new product. Let’s go back to our products. We’re going to build an archery product here. One of the really nice things about Shopp is that it uses that template to pre-populate which can make creating products quite a bit faster. So just to start off, those things that are specifically all about archery, at this point, are just these 2 right? Whatever an Archer Should Know First and The Truth and Myth About…

Lanny:  There’s another one that’s specific to archers.

Helen:  It’s on the next page.

Rick:  Oh, Mastering the Mental Game of Archery. And then we’ve got the combos. This is the audio CD program.

We’re going to just start with this one and again, we’re going to save the image. And then we’re going to take this text and…this actually stands alone, doesn’t it? There isn’t a book that is Mastering the Mental Game of Archery?

Helen:  No book, just CD.

Create a Product with Two Variations

Rick:  Right. So in that case, we’re going to say Mastering the Mental Game of Archery and we’re going to assign it to a category. We’re going to use those variations. Here, we’re going to paste the summary. In this section, we’ll paste the text so copy that. Come over here and paste it.

I think we’re going to get rid of this link for the moment because it’s probably a link to the wrong site. So we’ll just break it. If we look down to our product variations… actually, we’re not going to use any product variations for this. So we’ll undo the variations and now, all those variations that we would have had… see, if we go back and click variations for a second, now we have a hardcover, paperback, audio CD, video DVD, so on and so forth. We have all these choices. Are you going to do an audio download?

Helen:  It is, it is, yeah.

Lanny:  Yeah.

Rick:  Okay.

Helen:  It is a download.

Rick:  So then we are going to keep our variations and what we’ll do is to get rid of the hardcover book. Let’s see, so we’re going to delete the hardcover book, the paperback book, the video DVD and we’re going to delete the ebook download. So our only two options are audio CD and audio download. So the price for the audio CD is $150. What is the price for the audio download?

Helen:  It’s… I don’t know off the top of my head.

Rick:  Well, let’s say it’s $100.

Lanny:  Okay.

Add Download File to a Product in Shopp

Rick:  And it’s set as a download here so this is the point at which we would select the file to add to this. We’d need to upload the file using FileZilla to that file system that we created when we began this or last week. And then we would take that URL and paste it in this location so you would select the file and you would put the URL there. This will let us actually upload a file from our computer. So for the time being, I’m just going to play a game here and I’m going to take one of my plugins and put it there.

So here we’ve got an electronic download for the product download and it’s set up. And we have an audio…we have got a price and we’ve got the shipping and handling thing. Actually, what’s the weight of the audio CD?

Helen:  Oh, the weight of that audio CD?

Rick:  Yeah.

Helen:   I’d be guessing but I think it’s about 11 ounces.

Track Product Inventory in Shopp

Rick:  Okay so 11 ounces and this is definitely track inventory. And so the inventory… how many of these do you generally keep on hand?

Helen:  Probably 50.

Rick:  Okay so as each one gets purchased, this one is going to drop down. When that number drops down to what we set for low inventory warning, you’ll get an email saying your inventory on this has dropped down to such and such. And then we have a SKU…

Helen:  MMGA?

Rick:  MMGA? And those are all uppercase, aren’t they?

Helen:  Yes.

Rick:  Okay so there’s our SKU. Now are electronic downloads taxed for you as well as physical products?

Helen:  I don’t think so. Are they hon?

Lanny:  I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Helen:  I don’t think they are.

Rick:  Okay so we’ll select not taxed for this. This is taxed.

Lanny and Helen:  Yes.

Rick:  Let’s just say you were running a sale. If you put here the sale price then this would show up with an X through it and a new price would show up over here but we’re not going to do that yet. We didn’t add a product image, pardon me. We need to add a product image and it was this one here, wasn’t it? Yeah, okay so now we’ve got a product image with our product.

We’re not going to use details and specs and that kind of stuff in this case because nobody’s going to really care about that. And I think we can save products right now.

Add a Second Product

We may as well add another product under archery so we have more than one product in each category. So we’ll go ahead and add new which is in Add New. We’ll come back over here to our… What Every Archer Should Know First. We’ll save that image and then we’ll copy that as our summary.

Until you really get a few of these products, we can’t really tell the benefit of the summary. But what this summary does is when you view a whole bunch of products together, it’ll show you a product image and a price and a summary. It is similar in many respects to a Thesis Teaser. So you’ll probably want to fine tune this. But I just want to put some content there.

And then again, we’ll just come down here and get everything and paste that. And then we’re going to keep on using variations here. Let’s grab our product image and that was this one here. And then we’re going to grab the format. We don’t have a hardcover book or paperback. We’ve got an audio CD and we’ve got an audio download. And our audio CD is $19.95. What’s the audio download price, what do you think?

Helen:  It’s $19.

Rick:  Same price.

Helen:  Just $19, not $19.95. Just $19.

Rick:  Okay, $19. And then how many ounces for the audio CD?

Helen:  I think it’s about 6.

Rick:  Okay again, we’re going to say 50 in stock for the moment?

Helen:  Yeah, start there.

Rick:  And then what’s our SKU?

Helen:  For the archery first, it’s spelled out, Archery First.  Yeah, it’s all spelled out, Archery First and it’s lowercase.

Rick:  Oh, it’s lowercase.

Helen:  It’s capital and then lowercase.

Rick:  Okay, just like that?

Helen:  Yes.

Rick:  And then we’re going to put a file in here again. We’ll come back and fix that one when we get that part of it resolved. But we now have 2 products, save the product.

I failed to put the product  name in here and it saved it while telling me that I failed to do that .I’m just going to copy that product name, paste it there. What Every Archer Should Know First About the Mental Game. Save the product.

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