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Lesson 3 – Part 4 – Create a Product with Multiple Variations

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Rick:  Let’s take on a more complicated product now – one that has multiple variations. And that is going to be in golf, is that right? Oh, I guess it’s really the cross one that has all the various pieces to it, isn’t it?

Lanny:  With Winning in Mind has a lot of different variations.

Rick:  Well, let’s do that then. Let’s come over here to categories and… I’m just trying to think of what’s the right name for this? Maybe…universal is better.

Lanny:  We use general alright.

Rick:  General seems kind of neutral to me. I mean, we certainly could say general but, I don’t know, general almost feels like it’s less important.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  Universally applicable. I don’t know. This is clearly subject to change but let’s try that for a moment. What I want is something that sounds like it entices them to look, right? In many respects, this series we’re going to add in here now is really one of your flagship products, right? And if we just filed it under general, it won’t sound like a flagship product.

Lanny:  Right. I agree.

Rick:  So anyway, that’s my thought about that.

Lanny:  You’re probably going to use the…

Helen:  Paperback’s going to be replaced, right?

Lanny:  Yeah, you’re probably going to use the hardcover image.

Add a Category for a Product with Multiple Variations to Shopp

Rick:  We need to download that image. And this is the hardcover here, right? Save image as, okay and then come over here and we’ll add a new image and it’s that one there. This is going to give you a chance to see what happens with sizing the images differently depending upon where they’re being used because that is one of the things we’ve got going on here is various product images.

So again, let’s go format and hardcover book, paperback, audio… you’ve got video here too, don’t you? Yeah, video, audio download and ebook download. And so hardcover again will be $0.50, $0.50, $0.50 and then the downloads will be downloaded.

Add a Product with Multiple Variations to Shopp

Okay so we’ve saved that category and then we’re going to come back over to products and we’re going to add a new product in Shopp and that new product is going to be, With Winning in Mind. And then we’ll copy that as our… no, pardon me, that’s our summary. Then we’ll grab the testimonials at the moment but really, I think we’ll put those testimonials on a widget ultimately.

And then it’s going to have variations. We’re going to grab that same With Winning in Mind cover as our main cover and then. Oh, I haven’t selected a category here so it didn’t know what to populate. Now that I’ve selected a category, it has populated this. And so the hardcover price is how much?

Helen:  $24.95

Rick:  Okay and the weight is…

Helen:  About 18 ounces.

Rick:  Inventory, we’ll say 50. Do you have a SKU?

Helen:  Yes, WW.

Rick:  Okay, that’s it? Just WW?

Helen:  Yes.

Rick:  Okay and then our hardback is $19.95?

Helen:  No, that’s a hardcover at the top. Paperback, are we going to continue the paperback? Oh okay, the paperback is $12.95 right now.

Rick:  Okay and it’s probably about…

Helen:  It’s probably 10 ounces.

Rick:  Okay, inventory, 50. Do you have a SKU?

Helen:  Okay, this is where we’re going to change. Yes, WW would be paperback. The hardcover would be WW3rd.

Rick:  Okay and the 2nd one is WW or is it…

Helen:  Yes, that’s fine.

Rick:  Okay and then our audio CD is how much?

Helen:  The audio CD is $35.

Rick:  How many ounces?

Helen:  The weight on that, I think, is about 8 ounces.

Rick:  And what have we got for SKU?

Helen:  It’s WWCD.

Rick:  Okay and then there’s a video DVD of this too, isn’t there?

Helen:  It’s a little different. How do you classify that, hon? He’s probably talking about the DVD set.

Rick:  Okay so that’s not related.

Lanny:  Well, that’s a different product.

Rick:  Okay so we can come over here to format and get rid of video DVD.

Helen:  Okay, yes.

Rick:  And so then we’ve got an audio download, how much is that one?

Helen:  The audio download?

Rick:  Yeah.

Helen:  Is $33.25.

Rick:  And it’s not taxed. We won’t upload a file at the moment. And then the ebook is how much?

Helen:  Let me see, what is the ebook hon? Is it $30?

Lanny:  Yeah.

Helen:  No. We made it…

Lanny:  It can’t be more than $9.95 because of Amazon.

Helen:  Yeah.

Lanny:  I guess it’s $9.95.

Helen:  Yeah, that must be what it is.

Rick:  We’ll save this product. Isn’t that interesting? This shows us an inventory of 150. Maybe I typed 150 and not 50. 50, 50 and 50.

Helen:  And added them together?

Rick:  It added them together in this case but it didn’t appear to add them together in the other case. Maybe I’m just mistaken. Oh, because this one only has one thing with an inventory. So it does add them together, adds all the different elements together. You’re still going to get a warning for each piece though. That’s what the low inventory is… you’ll still get one for each category and it will still show how many copies are available.

Helen:  Okay.

Products with Multiple Categories

Rick:  Let’s see, okay so Lanny, I’ve just unmuted your microphone. Do you have products that don’t fit neatly in this system?

Lanny:  Well, the only question I had was can you specify more than one category? I mean, if you’ve got a product that’s actually follows in the universally applicable category, you could also show up like in Archery.

Rick:  Sure. So With Winning in Mind, for example, we could select archery, golf, and shooting sports.

Lanny:  Right. That’s what we need to do in that case.

Rick:  And hit save product. And now when we… isn’t that interesting? Look what happened to inventory.

Helen:  And the pricing.

Rick:  Yeah, let’s look at that again. Wonder if that threw anything away. No, that obviously just does something different with the display.

When we talk about creating bundles in Shopp next week, that’s when we start doing these add-ons and with add-ons, we can add additional products and we can bundle these things together. We’re not going to do that with the individual products but we’ll create some products that are bundles of products and that’s the condition in which we’ll use add-ons. But now that we’ve done this, we can actually see some of this already displayed on the site.

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