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Lesson 3 – Part 2 – Create the Product Categories

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Create First Product Category in Shopp

Rick:  We’re going to start here in and we’re going to start now under Categories. You can see that we don’t have any category set up yet and so the very first thing we do is we create a new category.

The first category that we’re going to make will be golf. So we’ll say golf as the first category and you have a fairly simple set of options at the very beginning. The first thing is just to provide a description here. And at the moment, I’m just going to say, “Enter some descriptive text.”

But if you look over here for a second, I’m on the right hand side, first you have this Save button. Once you save you can either continue editing or can create a new category or can edit the next category or edit the previous category. You can do all kinds of things with this save category button.

And then you have the category settings. The first question is whether or not this has a parent category. And obviously, since this is the first category so it can’t possibly have a parent category. We’re going to say no to that. But we are going to allow for product variations. So if we click on that, now let’s go ahead and hit save.

Now, we’ve created a category. It’s got a little bit of descriptive text associated with it and we’ve allowed for variations. We could in fact, create and add an image for this category.

Let’s go over to Mental Management Systems, we’ll use one of his pictures here. Okay, Lanny, what am I doing wrong here?

Lanny:  Got to go to

Rick:  Oh There we go and then come to products and products by sport. We’re going to copy this image URL. Let’s see, save image as. And now that we’ve got an image for this, we can add a category image and downloads, golf. Perfect. Now the category image shows up here.

Product Templates & Menus in Shopp

Below category images is product template and menus. The way this works is that we create a template for a product that is in this category. We’re going to put all of the things that are typically in a product in these variations options. As soon as we start a new product, it’ll have all these variations options in them as we start.

Let’s begin by adding an options menu and we’ll say format and then now we have to make a list of all the formats. So we can add, hardcover book and then paperback, and then add an option and we’re going to say audio CD,  then video DVD, then audio download and the last option will be ebook download.

Lanny, does it seem like there are any other variations that we ought to add as sort of our generic variations? We can add additional ones and we can remove these from our list when we create a product.

Lanny:  No.

Pre-Configure the Product Variations

Rick:  Now that we’ve done that, we have this ability to do some pre-configuration for these variations. For example, the hardcover book, we want to do shipping. Do we have a standard handling fee that we’re thinking about to add on top of the actual cost of shipping?

Lanny:  Yes, $0.50.

Let me ask you a question now. We’re actually putting this in about that particular product or…?

Rick:  Well this pre-populates the fields when we create a product. For example when we create a product and give it a category of golf, it will automatically add all of these options that we can then edit, keep them as they are or remove them entirely.

Lanny:  I see.

Rick:  But it just pre-populates it.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  So if $0.50 is not the right number for one of these, you can change it when you create the product even though we put it here in the template.

Lanny:  Okay.

Helen:  All shipped items, just put $0.50 in.

Rick:  Okay, $0.50 for all shipped items. Okay, it did. Our video DVD is also shipped. Now we come down to our audio download and our ebook download. Both our audio download and our ebook are downloads so it’s not going to have a shipping or a weight or anything like that.

You can select shipped, you can select virtual but actually I’m not sure what you would do at virtual. It could be that virtual is something like membership where there’s no real download but it nevertheless gives you a sale and a transaction whereas download will give you a download link.

Donation is something that you could do if you were a non-profit and you wanted to add donations and you could either have a specific amount or variable amount or a minimum amount and that sort of thing. And then N/A, it just removes all of the settings with N/A. Let’s go back to download here because that’s what we’re going to do.

And you also see that there’s this thing that says “Not taxed”. It could be the case that some of these things are taxable items and some of them aren’t.   perhaps if you are doing consulting, you don’t have to pay tax on consulting. And in that case, you might have a consulting fee in here but then you would select that it’s not taxed. That’s just entirely up to your jurisdiction – your taxing system. This is not the only place you have the chance to say whether or not something is taxed.

Add Additional Product Categories in Shopp

Let’s hit save category and add a new category now. Next we’ll add archery. Archery will be our new category. It’s not going to have a parent category. In fact, I wonder if we should just come over to archery for a second. First, let’s download this. Let’s see, save image as. Okay, save and then if we come over to archery, let’s see if there’s some text we can just use for your general archery text.

We’ll just take that right there, copy that, come back over here and rather than just putting that blank text in, we just take some of your actual text and put it in this. This is only going to show up in those cases where you specifically want it to show up. So you might not even find a purpose for this but we’ll try anyway.

Then we’re going to add our product variations again and we’re going to use the same options format. And option 1 will be hardcover book, paperback book, audio CD, video DVD, audio download and then ebook download.

And we may as well do one more. And so we’ll do shotgun sports is our next one. What’s that?

Lanny:  I want to ask you a question.

Rick:  Sure.

Lanny:  Okay, we’ve got a situation as you bring up shotgun sports where we have a bigger business in shotgun sports than we do in rifle, pistol, and other things. Now as far as those categories are concerned, do we need a shooting sports category and then put shotgun sports there as a sub of that someway or not?

I mean, there’s the rifle and we only have one rifle product. We don’t have a pistol product yet. Or what do I do with the shooting products that are not shotgun? Do I put those the general products category? Would that be the best thing?

Rick:  No, I don’t think so. I think you might be better off just saying shooting sports and then we can look at using shotgun as a subcategory or we can look at including the shotgun, the rifle, and future pistol all in the same category. Because you really only have a handful of products per category.

Lanny:  That’s correct.

Rick:  So if you can avoid having a category that has a single product then I think you’re probably better off doing that. And there’s a clear relationship between pistol shooting and shotgun shooting, I think, in the mind of the person who’s looking for products.

Lanny:  Right.

Rick:  And so it doesn’t have a category but it’s definitely going to have variations. We’re going to add that same image. It doesn’t really matter that it’s not generic. Let’s see, because you really do have… what’s the difference between these three?

Lanny:  Well, they’re different sports. Skeet…

Rick:  Oh trap, I see. Okay, okay, I got you.

Lanny:  All are shotgun sports but they’re just different sports within…

Rick:  I missed that…okay, well we’ll just grab some. We’ll just grab that text. And then again, we’re going to add an options menu. Again, that’ll be format and then do you have any hardcover books in shooting sports?

Lanny:  Not yet.

Rick:  Do you plan on it?

Lanny:  Well, yeah.  I mean, yes we do, I’m sorry. We don’t have one that’s specific to that but we have one that we use as a book.

Rick:  Okay, one that’s not going to already be in the cross sport one?

Lanny:  No. It’s going to be in cross sports.

Rick:  Okay, well we’ll save it as it is for the moment and then…

Lanny:  There are several books that I think are going to be valuable to any of these applications. I’m going to show them up when they click them.

Rick:  Okay so now we’ve got those options and then we set them like before. We’ll set our handling price and then for the 2 download ones, we’re going to say download and download. Now we’ve created 3 different categories and you can see I said save.

Now we’ll switch to Category Manager because that’s what we’re going to do next. It shows us with these 3 categories here. We don’t have any products in them yet and so that’s what we’re going to do next.

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