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Lesson 3 – Part 7 – Multiple levels of product variations

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Rick: Show where we should look at one of your products that you were concerned that you may not have used the Shopp product variations correctly.

Use of Product Variations in Shopp

Okay. Well, it’s actually the Bariatric Patient Lift there. I’ve put it in as a product and they’ve assigned categories to it and then I use the details…

Rick: You don’t need to add the child category.

Okay, I think you told me that the first time.

Rick: Under Variations, you’ve got options and one of them is 3,475 and the other one 3,525. Why are you concerned about this?

Well, it’s just that you were doing it at the category level as opposed to the product level and…

Rick: The thing is that, if “Mesh Sling with out commode opening” and “Mesh Sling with commode opening”. Okay.

It’s very unique to this product so it’s okay to do it the way I did it?

Rick: Yes. The chances are that template wouldn’t help you.

Right. So you’re doing that at the category level in Shopp to help you as a template going forward for other products in that category?

Multiple Levels of Product Variations in Shopp

Rick: Exactly. You can add and subtract, right? Let’s just say that you had a category but you wanted to add a new one, you can add a new option here to any products.

Yeah, because I had a lot of trouble. Could you do that? Because Shopp was combining two together doing something really strange. Not here actually, another variation option. Let’s say they have a blue sling and a red sling so they’re going to be different sizes.

Rick: Variation options and then what you do is create a new one and in the options menu would then be sling colors.


Rick: Option 1 would be red, option 2 would be blue okay?

Okay. It doubles them up because it’s assuming that you have a color for each of the other options. We see how it says now, Mesh Sling without red? We’ve added it to the other variation so that’s the way it should be? Alright. I was thinking there is something strange but it’s doing what it’s suppose to do.

Rick: Yeah. What you would do then is make sure that the price is here because right now your price is going to be 0 to 3,750. If we hit Save Price there, the price starts off at 0.

Yeah, because we didn’t calculate those.

Rick: Right.

What if you only had a red and not a blue in that variation? Could you make an adjustment for that? Say if you didn’t have a blue option for the “without” but you have it “with”?

Rick: I got you, good question. That’s something I want to do a little bit of research on. I don’t know the answer to that.

Okay. I know I’m going to run into that one so that’s the reason I was asking.

Rick: What you’re saying is that you’ve got red, white and blue and one of your sling options has red and blue and the other sling option it has white and blue but none of them have all 3 of the options?

Right. It barely exists inside the variances.

Rick: I’m sure that’s possible. We’ll just have to figure how that setting happens and then include that.

Okay. Just look over there, do you see any other mistakes  I’ve made or anything?

Rick: No, I don’t. I think it would be interesting to see what this Shopp product actually looks like now. These are those specs that you added, here’s your sling option and here’s your color option. If you add this to the cart with the blue color, then it doesn’t have any price at all, you get it for free.

There you go, blues are free.

Rick: That pretty much behaves the way you want and this is really a good example of one of those places where what you’ve done is added a number of images to the product. If we go back over and look at your products, you’ve got these images and you could easily rearrange the images by dragging and dropping them like that, right?


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