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Lesson 3 – Part 8 – Question and Answer Session

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Can You Change Price in Shopp to Get a Quote?

Now I’m going to open it up to questions and looks like Bee has a couple of questions. But before I take those, I would love to answer questions that people have both about how to categorize your site and any particular product issues you might have. So please, take the opportunity here to ask questions about your own specific situation or your potential future situation. This will be a good time for that.

Rick:  Okay good evening, Bee. How are you doing?

Hello, happy new year. How are you doing, Rick?

Rick:  Happy new year to you too and thank you for the New Year’s greetings this year.

Rick:  Okay so what were your questions?

I have 2 questions. One is to know if it’s possible to instead of having the price, to have a field where you can add either a link to request a quote or pre-order or call us first for pricing. In case you have products that don’t have a price yet and instead you can add some custom field to that and then people contacted you to learn what the price for that product will be.

Rick:  Yeah, it’s a good question and I think the answer to that is yes. I believe if we go over to products we’ll see it. Well, if we disable that under pricing and delivery and hit save… don’t worry Fran, I’ll come back and fix this for you. And go back over to that bariatric commode. So it was the bariatric commode and it does not appear to be showing up there.

Is there pagination for the homepage?

Rick:  Yeah actually, we could just use that link right there. Oh no, the product doesn’t show up then. It we pick that, it just doesn’t show up.

No pricing. Interesting.

Rick:  So if we come back here. I wonder if maybe if you took… choose donation… no, I don’t think so.

That will always be a number field for the for field right?

Rick:  Yeah, I think it will always be a number field. However, I’m going to do a little bit of research for it this week because I think there is a way to do this without displaying prices.


Rick:  I know there’s another way of doing it and it think there’s a way of doing this without displaying prices.

Is it Possible to add a custom field to a product and then display the contents of the custom field on the product page in Shopp?

So that was with the question number 1 then the other one is if there is a way to add custom fields. So for example, if you want to have either a flash file with a 360 degree like zoom in and out of a product image, if you can do that.

Rick:  Yes.

Or do you need to add that to the content of each of the product pages.

Rick:  No, you don’t need to add it to each of the product pages. There is a way of doing that and we’ll be talking about customizing the templates next week or the week after. But you really address that during the customizing the templates section because the way this works, each one of these product displays is based on a template, right?

So this right now is a category template. If we come over here, this is the product template and we can add just about anything we want to this product template and we can rearrange things, right? Right now, these are already rearranged to a certain extent. He’s got his price and his quantity and add to cart button in here.

But we can rearrange this and we can also add additional fields. So we could get rid of the product image entirely and you could replace the product image with something else and that something else in this case would be that 3D rotating image that you mentioned.

There would be there like a javascript or a flash file?

Rick:  What you do is have a custom field for the product and then you’d have your own HTML that would display that custom field. And we can definitely look at how to do that because they’ve got that capacity built in to Shopp. Now, it does require monkeying with the code but it’s easy code to monkey with.

Yeah, it’s good to know that it’s also flexible you know, looking ahead if we can add images or 360 images rotating in that specific module, in that template. That will be great.

Rick:  Right.  And essentially, you can add a custom field to a product and then display the contents of the custom field on the product page. I mean, that’s the most generic way of describing what you’ve asked and it has the built in way of doing that. Whether it’s displaying a javascript that does a 360 degree view or it can even do what Fran was talking about.

If you have one of these… if you have a PDF file for every single one of these products that you want people to be comfortable to download or you want it to be easy for them to download then you could create a custom field where you would place the URL in that field and then add that field to this template and it would be a fairly simple thing to do.

That’s perfect. Is that at the Thesis level or you’re working with templates on Shopp?

Rick:  Not Thesis. You’re working with the template in Shopp and what Shopp does is it sticks its templates inside of the Thesis templates. So it takes the Thesis template and essentially the content area of the Thesis template and then inserts its template inside of that.

Alright. Sweet. That’s all.

Rick:  Okay? Great.

Excited. Yes.

Rick:  Okay, anything else?

No, that would be it. Looking forward for the next classes too where we’ll look into these things. But you know, thank you so much for the class today. This is great.

Rick:  You’re absolutely welcome.

Why do you have to add the Details and Specs in the Shopp Template?

What’s the significance Rick, of Shopp forcing you to put the details and the specs in the template as opposed to just typing the text out you know, right in the body?

Rick:  Well, you could use these as drill downs.

Oh okay, later on…

Rick:  Right. So for example, let’s just say these were refrigerators and you had 20 different refrigerators with varying widths and heights and depths. You could use details and specs as a means of looking at all the refrigerators that are 52 inches in height, for example.

So that’s going to set the gap you’re looking for.

Rick:  Right. And if you don’t have that part of it configured this way then really, the purpose for details and specs is to have some sort of automated comparison between similar products so that you can say, “Well, I want a base height of such and such or the base height’s got to be at least such and such.” If you’re not using it for that automatic kind of comparison between products then it could just as easily be text. It does not need to be details and specs.

Can I Upload a PDF to Shopp on a Product Page?

Okay, got it. Well, that explains that then. Alright, one other question, tonight while I was looking this up, I was looking to upload a PDF of it as well. Is there any capability to upload a PDF?

Rick:  I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

Well you know, sometimes when you get a little product, there will be a PDF available under. It’s the manual or some glossy sheet to print off and take with you.

Rick:  Yeah, the easiest way to do that is to do that in the text, right? And so you would use the…oh, isn’t that interesting? Because we’re in a product, it doesn’t have the add media link. I’m a little surprised you don’t have the add media link here. I didn’t think about that. You know, they took the add media link out because you’re doing product images down here.

Yeah and it won’t take a PDF. I tried it down there. So is that still like a link or something?

Rick:  Right so you would instead go over to a sandbox page or create one if you don’t have one and there you would create a media link.

Or could you not have a media link from your Media Library?

Rick:  That’s what I mean. That’s what we’re going to do right now. We’ll set up a sandbox page and put in the link.

Oh okay. Oh, you’re going to show it off. Okay.

Rick:  So we just hit make this private and then you could go to your Media Library and add a PDF. Let’s see, I must have a PDF here some place. Well, I mean you just pretend that this is a PDF, I guess.

Yeah, I know. I think I get the picture.

Rick:  Yeah, pretend it’s a PDF. Because it won’t let you add a doc like that. Anyway, why don’t you put the thing in there or do you already have a PDF loaded for this?

No, I don’t think so.

Rick:  Because we could just look in your Media Library for some kind of a PDF.

Yeah, it’s too new. I don’t have a thing in there yet.

Rick:  Okay. So anyway, you could just do it that way and then copy it and then paste it into the product.

Yeah, got you.

Rick:  Okay well, next week, what we’ll do is we’ll look at ways to use those details, product details in this.


Rick:  And in the meantime, I’ll have a conversation with you about how those product details work in your mind so we can make sure we got something that will really work there.

Do Category IDs Affect the Users Experience?

Okay. When you’re on Lanny’s site, I don’t know if it relates to this type of a site but there, towards the end when you’re coming up with those category by numbers… I didn’t quite understand the significance of how will the user utilize that?

Rick:  Well you mean, by the site owner or a person browsing?

Yeah, the person browsing. Was that…

Rick:  No, it wasn’t that at all.


Rick:  Yeah, they wouldn’t.

Well, what did that relate to?

Rick:  It relates to what we’ll be doing later on which is how to display product categories using the archive pages. I mean, one of the things you could do right now is you could come over to widgets and you could use their category widget. And so we’re in sidebar 1 and we just come over her to Shopp categories.

Rick: If you drop Shopp categories there, I think we just hit save it as it is for the moment and refresh this. Now, all the product categories are going to show up down here. Did I say refresh this? Definitely not. So now, your product categories show up and you could click CPAP machines and now all the CPAP machines are here you know, and you can look at them in different ways.

So that’s just preparation for that to work better?

Rick:  Yeah. Well, it’s preparation for understanding how… you can see you’ve got the breadcrumb trail here automatically added, right? And so this is now displaying CPAP machines and you can select the subcategory here of auto adjusting CPAP machines or you can come back over to this. And all of this is a category display where it shows… that’s why you’ve got this drop down because now, the category display gives the chance of looking at subcategories. As long as what you’re doing is you’re looking at a category page. And so all I was doing was without putting the widget in Lanny’s sidebar, I was just showing what a category page looks like.

Oh okay. Because that seems to work really well there, you know?

Rick:  Yeah. These things work well.

Okay, alright. Looks good.

Rick:  Okay.

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