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Lesson 3 – Part 6 – Rearrange product categories

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Product Categories at Main Clinic Supply

I’m going to switch over to Fran here and see what Fran thinks about where we are. Good evening, Fran. We’re back with you.

Fran:  Hello there Rick.

Okay so you watched what we did here.

Fran:  I did, yeah.

And if we come over to your site and we come over to your categories in Shopp, you have created bariatric medical equipment as a category. Bariatric commodes, shower chairs, as a subcategory. Bariatric lifts and slings as a subcategory.

Fran:  Right. That other stuff is kind of early on so… yeah, it’s probably okay too.

I was going to say these categories probably want to be shuffled around a bit.

Fran:  It will, yeah.

Oh so what is the CPAP equivalent of bariatric medical equipment?

Fran:  You mean, as far as the menu is concerned?

Well yeah, what would be the title that is equivalent to bariatric medical equipment that would encompass all this?

Fran:  Sleep apnea equipment so sleep and then…should we make one of those?

Create New Categories in Shopp

Yeah so we’ll just create a new category in Shopp. Did I spell that wrong, apnea?

Fran:  No, that’s right, very good.

Okay and for the moment, we won’t fill out anything else here. We’re just going to go back to category manager and save this category. When you set these things up, did you use that template feature to create sort of the basic…

Fran:  As it relates to the CPAP stuff that was done several weeks ago. You and I did that together. And then this bariatric stuff is what I just did the last couple of days and after watching you on Lanny’s site, I’m not quite sure if I used the variations correctly.

Well, now that we’ve got sleep apnea equipment, you’d probably take oxygen concentrators and make that a subcategory, right?

Fran:  No, it stands alone. Yeah.

So then everything that just starts with CPAP would go there.

Fran:  Correct.

And so now you would give the parent category, sleep apnea equipment.

Fran:  And you did that by category manager there, I think.

Yeah, what I did was I edited the CPAP masks and then under the settings, selected a parent category. Now that moved it from one place to another.

Fran:  Okay, that’s pretty easy.

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