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Lesson 4 – Configure the Product Catalog

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In this fourth lesson of our Build an Online Store Using Shopp we show how to configure the product catalog. We begin by showing how to configure electronic downloads using Amazon S3 for digital products. We move on to configuring US Postal Service rates for our physical products. Then we go into detail of how to use multiple levels of product variations and addons. We finish by adding product widgets and a shopping cart to the store and giving the products a display order.

Configure Electronic Download with Amazon S3 – Watch the Video

  • Previous configuration – the file system

    • In week 2 we configured a file system outside of the web server to hold the files
    • In week 3 we used the digital upload system to upload the files
  • Amazon configuration

    • Login to Amazon S3 account
      • if you need help with this see the Membership Website series Week 9
    • Go to AWS Management Console & Create a bucket
      • unique name
      • set permissions
        • Grantee = who has these permissions
          • account owner
          • others
        • Permissions
          • list
          • upload/delete
          • View permissions
          • Edit permissions
    • Get security credentials
  • Shopp Settings -> System -> Product file storage

    • Choose amazon s3
    • insert access key
    • insert secret key
    • select bucket
    • save
  • Add file to product

  • Test to make sure the file is where it belongs

Configure US Postal Service Rates – Watch the Video

  • Fill out USPS form

    • wait for an email
  • Call or email USPS to convert to production server

  • Wait for new username

  • Can only be used on one website – only the website in the application

Multiple Levels of Product Variations and Addons – Watch the Video

  • Understanding Variations & Addons

    • The analogy – a shoe store
      • sells running shoes, walking shoes and dress shoes
      • sells men’s & women’s shoes
      • sells a variety of sizes
      • sells a variety of colors
      • sell shoe polish & shoe laces
    • the products
      • Running shoe
      • walking shoe
      • dress shoe
    • The variations
      • men’s or women’s
      • size
      • color
    • The product does not stand alone from it’s variations.  The variations define the product.  You don’t go to the store to buy a pair of dress shoes.  You buy a pair of women’s black dress shoes in size 9
    • Addons are additional products that are apart from the original product
      • They don’t define the product themselves.  In fact they are additional products
      • Shoelaces
      • Shoe Polish
      • Addons may have their own variations
  • Variations are additive – they must be selected

    • Each product has each variation
      • in the case of the shoes, 3 sizes and 3 colors
      • each product has 18 variations
    • Variations can be disabled
      • however in order for them not to show you need to add some custom code
      • this code will also hide variations that are out of inventory
    • You might split the products up in order to decrease the variations
    • You must select from each variation
  • Understanding Addons

    • They are optional
    • each Addon has a single set of variations
    • However, you can’t tie Addon variations to product variations

Product Variations – a couple of case studies – Watch the Video

Add Widgets to the Store – Watch the Video

  • Product Search Widget
  • Product Categories Widget
  • Sub Categories Widget
  • Shopping Cart

Adding a Display Order to Products – Watch the Video

  • Product Display Order Happens within categories
  • Open a category
  • Arrange Products

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