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Lesson 4 – Part 6 – Adjusting the Display Order of Products

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I’m going to talk about how to adjust the display order of the products in Shopp. Let’s look at the Mental Management site. If we look at archery for a moment, the products are displayed like this, right? So they’re probably displayed in exactly the reverse order of what they were put in.

Default Shopp Product Display

So the Attainment – the 12 Elements of Elite Performer was put in first and then this product was put in and so on. I’m actually not quite sure what the rationale was. Oh I’ve already messed around with this arrangement. That’s what it was.

But you can see that the order in which the products are displayed in Shopp may not in fact be the way you want to see the products laid out. You may have a set of products that you want to show up first. Actually, Lanny, is that the case? Did you have a desire to feature a set of products or to have your most important products under shooting sports up at the top?

Lanny:  Yeah. I was kind of reviewing the variations thing for the shooting sports and if that category has any kind of… if we’ll need to divide it up based on the kind of shooting sports…I mean, 23 products is not a lot products for a category like that. But we do have products that we want to show up at the top.

Sub Category and Display

Rick:  Well, we could easily create a subcategory for shooting sports in Shopp. And so you would have, in a subcategory, trap shooting and skeet shooting and clay shooting and whatever other ones you would put in there. And because it does have sort of a rational breakdown and the shooting sports is your largest category. 23 products isn’t a ton but it still is quite a bit more than any of the other categories you have. So it may make a very good candidate for subdividing into subcategories.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  And that obviously doesn’t affect the product variations in Shopp. It just breaks this down to a smaller subset. Actually, this view of it, gives the person who’s looking at this page, a lot of control over what the order is anyway. They could say, “Well, show me the highest priced products first.” So there it is. Or show me the lowest priced products and so they will be able to circumvent the ordinary choice that’s made here. I think, automatically, it may automatically go by title. But you can also set a preferred order.

Arrange the Product Display in Shopp By Category

Now we’re back here under products and you would do that under product categories in Shopp. You go over to categories and let’s just use archery again. We say edit. Right here is where you would arrange the products. So if we click arrange products, here are all your products now. Looking at this list, which product would you like at the very top, Lanny?

Lanny:  As far as archery is concerned, then that one that is on top should remain on top.

Rick:  Okay.

Lanny:  The one next should be probably closer to the bottom.

Rick:  Truth and Myth about Target Panic should be closer to the bottom?

Lanny:  The next one is correct.

Rick:  Okay.

Lanny:  It’s good to know that we can do that because we’ve already seen a product that didn’t get in there.

Rick:  Okay. Well, you’ve got 2 sets of things here. You’ve got this button that will drop it automatically to the bottom or push it automatically to the top. Or you can do drag and drop where you hover over the product name and then drag it where you want it to go.

Once you’ve rearranged the products like that, the next time a customer sees the category for archery, they’ll see the products in that order. They’ll also have the ability to start shuffling those products around and by using this drop down here. It’s currently set to title, but recommended takes you to the system that we want them to see. They do have control over how it gets reshuffled.

Add a Sub Category in Shopp

Rick:  Do you want to look at what it would look like if we made shooting sports a subcategory?

Lanny:  Sure.

Rick:  Let’s see, Mental Management Store, Shopp categories. What would be one of the subcategories for shooting sports?

Lanny:  Skeet.

Rick:  Okay and so then all you do is you pick a parent category for it which is shooting sports and you save the category. And then what you could do is go under products. And so obviously, Skeet First Combo, that’s one that would not go under shooting sports but instead would go under skeet. Now it’s going to automatically keep all of its variations that you set when it was based on the original category. Edit the skeet package and change its category from Shooting Sports to Skeet which shows up under Shooting Sports.

And now if we come over and refresh this page, shooting sports and skeet show up like this, right? And we could make this hierarchical, at which point, skeet would be indented under shooting sports. To do this we’ll go to Appearance and Widgets and then look at Browse our Catalog and select “show hierarchy”, hit save. Now when we refresh this page, Skeet is indented.

Lanny:  Great. That’s perfect.

Rick:  And obviously you can make the universally applicable products applicable to the subcategories too, right? So With Winning in Mind and Freedom Flight, those products could also be associated with Skeet so that they would also show up with this.

Lanny:  Okay, great.

Rick:  In fact, why don’t we do that?

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  Let’s look at universally applicable categories. So we’ll start off with With Winning in Mind and right now it’s on shooting sports. If we take it off of shooting sports, you’ve got to make sure you put it on all of the individual shooting sports. Let’s save the product now and come back to refresh the page, and now you’ll have the 3rd product there. And you’ll still be able to organize skeet shooting in a format that pleases you simply by hitting arrange products and again, With Winning in Mind could go to the top like that. And then once that’s done, it’s going to rearrange the layout.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  Okay so do you have any questions now that we are where we are?

Lanny:  No.

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