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Lesson 4 – Part 2 – Configure US Postal Service Rates

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The next thing we’re going to talk about is how to configure the US Postal Service system for Shopp. Let’s come over here to shipping for a second, we installed the postal service information here before but what we need to do is get a US Postal Service User ID.

US Postal Service User ID

Last week when I was doing this, I mistakenly believed that the US Postal Service user ID was sort of a universal identification number that businesses have when they buy products in bulk from the postal service and that was a mistake. That’s not actually the way this works. This user ID is it’s an API key that is directly tied both to the user and to the website which means that the API key won’t work on a different domain. It’ll only work on this one domain and if you’re using Shopp on another domain, you’ll have to get another USPS user id in order to use this service on it.

Getting this user ID number is a 2-step process and we’re going to do the 1st step tonight and we’ll do the 2nd step next week because there’s a certain amount of lag time between when you apply for this number and when you get it. So we’re going to apply for the number tonight and then sometime this week we’ll get the number from the postal service. Next week we’ll enter those credentials in here and finish configuring that.

Complete the USPS API Sign Up Form

I have given you a link to the postal service form that we need to fill out here under Lesson 4  – Resources. Under Lesson 4 – Resources, we have this US Postal Service API sign up form. We’re going to click on that. And then Lanny, I just need you to give me the information you want me to use here for this. It’s not particularly secret so..

Lanny:  Okay so that’s Lanny and Bassham and company name is Mental Management Systems.   700 Parker Square Drive.

Rick:  Does that look right? 700 Parker Square Drive?

Lanny:  Is it? Yeah?

Helen:  I have no idea.

Lanny:  I think it’s just Parker Square.

Rick:  Okay.

Lanny:  And the address too would be Suite 140 and the city is Flower Mound, Texas.

Rick:  One word or two?

Helen:  Two.

Rick:  Flower Mound, Texas. Zip code?

Lanny:  75028

Rick:  And then what email address do you want to use?

Lanny:  info@mentalmanagement.com6

Rick:  And the business phone?

Lanny:  972 899 9640

Rick:  And then the URL is Make sure we spelled that correctly. And we’re going to use it exclusively on my website. Here’s a little trick question. If you said on multiple sites or repackage for sale and or distribution that would be the wrong answer. Exclusively on my website is the only right answer. I agree to the terms and hit submit.

Invalid: Must be all numeric and no spaces. Oh, pardon me. They should have said that if they were going to require it. They want you to fail at least once. Okay and so the next thing that happens is you get an email like this where… this is an automated message. They give you a username and a password.

Second Step in How to Configure the US Postal Service System for Shopp

The real purpose for this username and password is for setting up a sandbox account and for testing the email system. But you don’t really need that. The systems are already going to work for you. All you need to be able to do is communicate with their live server.

In order to communicate with their live server, you have to call this telephone number, 1 800 344 7779 and make sure that you have your username and password that you get in the email back from the postal service. And you tell them that what you want to do is switch your profile to allow access to the production server and then they’re going to provide you with the new production information. It’s staffed from 7 o’clock in the morning until 11 pm Eastern time.

This is something that you should probably do tomorrow or I suppose you could do it tonight too. But just to get the new credentials because these credentials don’t work inside of this. It’s a whole different set of credentials that goes in here. And once you put your credential in and you put your postal code in and you hit save changes, it’s going to go off to the postal service and double check that your user ID is valid before it does any processing or calculation. So we’ll finish our Configure the US Postal Service for Shopp in next week’s lesson.

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