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Lesson 5 – Customize Shopp Templates

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In this fifth lesson of our Build an Online Store Using Shopp we show how to customize Shopp Templates. Customizing these templates is what allows you to have a unique storefront. After we show how to add product images we move on to a discussion of the Shopp method of customization. Then we show how to change specific templates and customize the main catalog and category views. We finish by continuing customization of these views using CSS.

Product Images in Shopp – Watch the Video

  • Image formats
  • Default images sizes
  • Recommended image size
  • Suggestions for image creation

The Shopp Method of Customization – Watch the Video

  • Overview – Protect Customization by separating customization files
  • What can be customized
  • Prepare for customization

Using Shopp Template Tags – Watch the Video

  • Anatomy of a template tag
  • Types of template tags
  • Change template tag options

Examples of Changing Shopp with Template Tag Options – Watch the Video

  • Example – Hide disabled options in Variations menus
  • Example – give all variations in single drop down menu
  • Example – Include VAT in displayed price

Add Customer Inputs to Order – Watch the Video

  • Add the template tag to the checkout template
  • Add some directions
  • Make it required

Customize the Main Catalog View – Watch the Video

  • The default view
  • Display Featured Products
  • Display Sale Products

Tour the Category Template – Watch the Video

  • A tour of category.php
  • The Category View loop

Customize the Category View – Watch the Video

  • Add some text to the category title
  • Rearrange the product views

Customize Shopp CSS – Watch the Video

  • Styling the Grid View
  • Styling the List View

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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