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Lesson 5 – Part 6 – Customize the Main Catalog View

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Customize the Catalog Template

The next thing we’re going to do then is to talk a little bit about some of the macro appearance of the site. If we come back over here to Mental Management for just a moment and we look at the catalog, we’re going to start off by customizing the main catalog view in Shopp.

Now this main catalog view is created by means of the catalog template and the catalog template is very simple as it stands. In Shopp the catalog template calls the category template and in the category template, it says “Show me all the products.” Here we have an instance where all of the products are shown with pagination because there’s way more products here than we can show on a single page. This is the default mechanism for doing that and so you end up with different ways of viewing or sorting through the products whether it’s on list view or grid view in Shopp.

How to Show Featured Products

Regardless of that, this main catalog page by default, displays all products which I think is completely useless unless you’ve only got a few products. If you have a whole bunch of products then what we need to do is customize this main catalog page and instead of having all of the products, we’re going to show featured products in the main catalog page in Shopp.

Let’s open this up and we’re going to get rid of that code because we’re going back to Lanny’s site again. We’re going to save that and come over here to catalog php and that catalog template doesn’t have anything else in it except the Shopp catalog products. This template tag is the template tag that calls all of the products in Shopp and it’s the category all products that’s  being called. Essentially, what this does is this calls this category template and this category template does what it has been set up to do based on the kind of product that’s being called here.

Look at our catalog tag, the first thing is we’re just going to look at these categories. Catalog products, this is the one that shows all products in the catalog, this is the template tag you see right now. We could customize it instead by choosing new product or featured products or on sale products and that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to choose featured products instead of all products because we don’t really need everything on the main catalog page. So instead of that, we’re going to do this here, featured products and hit save now and then we go back over to Lanny’s site which is Mental Management Store and hit upload category. Oh no, not checkout. Upload catalogs is what we want.

We upload catalog php, come back over here and we refresh this. Now it’s only going to show featured products. Do we have any featured products? Let’s go look real quickly. Shop in products, yes, we have 1, 2, 3, 4 featured products. So those products are the ones that should be showing up on our page. Catalog php, featured products, well, maybe I didn’t upload that one. Let’s go by last modified, catalog php and let’s try that again. We’re going to go to our catalog. Now you can see how we customized the main catalog view because it only shows our featured products and does not show all of the products but it does give us the opportunity to look at the featured products in this way or in this way.

Display Catalog by Activity

If we wanted to encourage people to browse our catalog by activity or if we wanted to add products that were on sale, we can just add stuff to this template. For example, we can come down here and h3 and then let’s say, “Please browse the rest of our catalog from the activity list to the right.” Then we could come along and grab another copy of this thing and instead of featured products, we could display the on sale products, hit save, upload that and refresh this.

I don’t know if we have any products on sale or not. Yeah, we have one thing on sale so here you have, “Please browse the rest of our catalog from the activity list to the right.” Then we’ve got our one product on sale, $40, save 20%, right? This is perhaps a better layout for our main catalog page because we can put anything we want in here including any kind of promotional text or anything else. We have complete control over what shows up on this catalog page in Shopp simply by editing the catalog php template.

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