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Lesson 7 – Final Customization and Testing

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In this seventh lesson of our Build an Online Store Using Shopp we work on some final customization and testing our purchase transactions. To complete our Shopp customization we work on the Shopping Cart view, the Checkout view and the product display widget. Then we show how to test purchase transactions with (go to lesson eight to learn how to use PayPal for transactions). We finish the lesson by working on Order Fulfillment and Customer Information in Shopp.

Customize the Shopping Cart View – Watch the Video

  • Apply Thesis Universal Input Fix

    • button
  • Update Subtotal button

    • apply to other button style
    • adjust to reflect condition

Customize the Checkout View – Watch the Video

  • Buttons

    • login
    • submit
  • Billing Address fields

Customize the Product Display Widget – Watch the Video

  • Sideproduct Template
  • Change the element for the name

Testing Transactions with – Watch the Video

  • Set up test mode

    • Put Shopp in Test Mode
    • Put in Test Mode
  • Test credit card numbers

  • Set up a transaction

  • Transaction Result Display

  • Transaction Emails

  • End test mode

Managing Order Fulfillment – Watch the Video

  • Order View

  • Order Status

  • Order Detail

    • Order info
    • Customer Info
    • Payment info
    • Shipping info
    • Status Management
      • change status
      • Update customer

Managing Customer Information – Watch the Video

  • Customer Screen

  • Customer Editor

    • Profile
    • Billing
    • Shipping
    • Order history
    • Order settings
    • Change password

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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