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Lesson 7 – Part 6 – Managing Customer Information

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Customer Section in Shopp

Helen:  What happens if the shipping is wrong? I mean, wrong enough to make you need to change it. Is there any way that we can change their order later?

Rick:  Absolutely. That actually brings us to the next part of the conversation which is managing the customer information because you’ve got this order section here. Now if we come over to customers in Shopp, you have the ability to control the number of customers that you see here.

Helen:  Under orders, it has 3 – and the total.

Rick:  Yeah, I’m looking into the customers section right now and I wonder if what it has done is it assigned us all the same person. Customer contact, it did. That’s what it did. It made all 3 of us, it made Bob Johnson and Rick Anderson the same customer. That’s what the problem was. Undoubtedly, it did that because it’s storing the cookie or something like that. Plus, I didn’t change my phone number or my address.

In any case, you do have control over their email address, their phone number, their billing address and the shipping address. You can change all of that stuff. You can even change their login password. If there’s some reason why you want to give them a new password, you can do that.

Changing an Order

Helen:  Okay. But on an order, when they have an order and the order is wrong in Shopp, can we correct that order? If they ordered 3 of something, they only wanted 2 or something like that.

Rick: That’s a good question. Can you change the order?

Helen:  It would have to still be in pending, wouldn’t it?

Rick:  Maybe that’s what I’m doing. I need to look at pending here and look at that order.

Helen:  Okay, if we wanted to move his shipping or something and change that to…

Rick:  We can change his shipping in this customer but there doesn’t appear to be any way to change the order.

Helen:  Once he’s ordered it, it cannot be fixed.

Rick:  Yeah, you can refund it but the price has already been agreed to, right? All the terms have already been agreed to. There isn’t any way for you to change the terms of the transaction here.

Helen:  Okay.

Rick:  A customer can call you up and tell you they want to change the shipping address. If he calls you up and he says, “Oh my gosh you know, I didn’t want 3 of those. I only wanted 2.” Then you’re going to have to figure out a way to manually refund him some money or refund the entire transaction and have him make the purchase that he really wants.

Helen:  Okay, so you have no control over shipping or any of that?

Rick:  No, you have complete control over the shipping in Shopp. And in the first place, shipping is something you’re handling physically anyway.

Helen:  No but when the shipping is automatically put in there like right now, we have $6.40.

Rick:  Oh, the shipping amount. Right.

Helen:  Yeah, there’s no way to correct that shipping?

Rick:  No, there isn’t.

Helen:  Okay. So basically, what we have control over is changing their address and things like that.

Rick:  Yeah, changing their contact information. You don’t have any control over the transaction itself but it gets recorded here. Now, do you do that routinely with

Helen:  With Druple, on the Druple side.

Rick:  So you routinely change an order after it has been made?

Helen:  When they make it and the shipping is way out of sight, I will lower their shipping. If they order stuff and they didn’t order it at a package then I change that price downward. I cannot change it upward because they’ve agreed they’ll pay a certain amount. But I can bring it down and I can do that most of the time because the shipping is just set up really strange.

Rick:  You actually change that transaction inside of Druple?

Helen:  Exactly. Then Druple allows me to process the payment and then picks up what I have corrected. Giving the customer a break is basically how I look at it. He should have bought the package but he didn’t so I’ll sell him the package when he’s bought those 2 products separately.

We look at it as customer service trying to save the customer money. I know that might not be a great business thing but we get a lot of repeat customers because we’re taking care of them.

Rick:  Sure. So can you manage that with or does not have a mechanism for doing that?

Helen:  No, does not do that. Just Druple.

Lanny:  Just the shopping cart.

Helen:  The shopping cart in Druple does it.

Rick:  Yeah, this shopping cart won’t do that for you.

Helen:  Oh wait, it’s correct. They get what they get.

Rick:  I’ve actually never had a request for that so it would be interesting to see if there’s something else out there that will do that for you. I doubt that that ability will exist in 1.2 because I haven’t heard any conversation about that at all about 1.2, whether or not they’re going to allow manual modification of the transaction after the transaction has been essentially approved by the purchaser.

Helen:  It’s just that I’ve had that ability now and people question the shipping. When you order several items and your shipping is based on how they want a box for each item then you’re going to add up the ounces which can throw you into a higher bracket in the shipping. I just correct the shipping, it doesn’t happen all the time but it happens enough to where it can save somebody money.

Postal Service Calculation

Rick:  Well, I wonder if our new shipping method will be more accurate.

Helen:  We will find out.

Rick:  I don’t know actually whether or not the postal service calculation here is based on weight and dimension, right?

Helen:  That’s the way it is on the other site too. The problem I have with the weight, the dimensions and all of that that’s put in. If I calculate it exactly right on, when it goes to an international order then they don’t pay enough for some reason. I don’t know why. It calculates it weird when it goes into international. Maybe now, it will calculate it right on this site and would put all the new stuff in.

Rick:  Well, I don’t know. It certainly is something interesting to look into because you do pretty much expect your shopping cart to behave the way you expect it to rather than making you do things differently.

Helen:  But when it can be up to $5 or $6 for an order, that’s some extra money. Sure, I could use the extra money but I don’t feel good about taking somebody’s money when they’re going to see the postage on there. That’s another reason to look at that issue.

Rick:  Yeah, maybe this is a pain as well but maybe a solution to that is to give them a little refund check or Starbucks gift card or something like that. I don’t know.

Helen:  Well, it’s probably just some glitch that maybe I’ve done in Druple or something but we’ll see how it works on this. We’ll do some testing with some international folks and see what happens.

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