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Lesson 7 – Part 7 – Question and Answer Session

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Create a New Promotion

Lanny:  Where do you have promotions?

Rick:  Define for me what you do for promotions.

Lanny:  Well, let’s just say that you wanted to give a certain a group maybe a code word or something like that to save some money like some kind of promotion code or something like that.

Rick:  So you want a coupon code?

Lanny:  Right.

Rick:  Okay. This does have the ability to have promotions and it’s a similar kind of thing here. You create a new promotion and then you have the ability now to determine whether or not it’s a specific percentage off the price or a specific amount off the price. Maybe they get free shipping or buy one get one free. They’ve got a fairly wide range of choices.

Then you have different ways of applying the promotion to the product. You can either apply the price directly to the catalog price. For example, we’re going to give 10% off and we’re going to give 10% off. We’re going to give it in the catalog product at the moment, the name of the product is equal to and then you put the product name in here. That’s probably the easiest way to do it.

Product Promotions in Shopp

If you want to specify a specific product, you can specify a category of products again by picking one of the product categories you could make so that it essentially applies to all products that are in stock by saying that in stock is equal to or is greater than or equal to 1 for example. Now, it applies to all products. Then you can specify a range of dates for this thing to work.

However, in 1.1.9, you cannot specify coupons. So there’s no place for them to enter a coupon code for a promotion. Now, in 1.2, there is but currently, there are no coupon codes available for promotions. The only kinds of promotions there are either some kind of an amount off the price or free shipping or buy multiples. Then it’s either calculated at the product, at the shopping cart or at the cart item and then it has got specific set of conditions that you can create.

Using Coupon Codes for Promotion

That’s the way promotions work in Shopp. I have not even looked at 1.2’s promotion system. I know that it does support coupon codes but I haven’t looked at it beyond knowing that it supposed to support coupon codes.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  Have you been doing that?

Lanny:  No, because we turn on how to do it in the current programs.

Helen:  It works for one coupon we got in there a long time ago and then every coupon we try from then on just would not work properly.

Rick:  In a few weeks here, we’re going to do an upgrade of 1.2 and we’ll go through the process of upgrading this system from 1.1.9 to 1.2 and then talk about the differences, improvements, the things that have changed and that kind of stuff. We’ll make sure that we include how to process, how to set up and process coupon codes as part of that.

I want to wait until they actually release 1.2 for real. It’s still in the release candidate stage so they’re still not saying it’s ready for production sites. I’m still saying that we should even give them a couple of weeks before we upgrade. It’s always the case that after something as complex as this gets upgraded, there’s usually a quick round of fixes that nobody found during the earlier stages that show up. So it makes some sense to give it a couple of weeks.

Probably the first part of March or mid-March is when we’ll do an update to Shop 1.2, upgrade your sit and then look at how we can incorporate some of the improvements because there are some things I want to do, right? We’ve talked about a featured product slider and I would like more control over the SEO and all those things are going to be available to us once the new system comes up.

How to Take Featured Products to the Catalog Page

Lanny:  Okay. The other question I had was on the homepage, if we want to take featured products in the homepage, how will we do that again?

Rick:  Well right now, if you want to put featured products in the homepage, here’s a couple of ways we can do it. You can specify them as featured products first, right? That’s the first thing you have to do and then we can put a template tag on the homepage that displays the featured products.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  Or we can use this as the Shopp that actually does have a featured products set up. We just don’t have any featured product specified. If we came in here to our products and we selected a few products to be featured products… go on. Oh, isn’t that funny? It’s not sticking. I can’t make it stay. Oh, there we go.

We now have 3 featured products. If I refresh this, I’ve got featured products showing up here. We set this thing up so that we set up the main Shopp page so that it didn’t show all your products but so that it showed featured products and on sale products. I think the trick here is just to figure out what specifically you wanted to show and then we can make it show that.

Lanny:  Okay.

Rick:  This is your Shopp page, not really your homepage. It’s your catalog page. Your homepage doesn’t have anything on it at all at the moment. Now, one thing that you can do is you can make the homepage a catalog page if that’s what you want to do. There are so many different ways that we can display products on the homepage. We can just display favorite products or we could display the popular products or we can display a product from each category. We could also display a single product.

You could say, “Well okay, what I want to do is I want to put let’s say, golf and archery.” So we’ll do a row of golf products and I want to specify which ones they are and a row of archery products and I want to specify which ones they are. Then we’ll put some blurb information on our homepage, we’ll put some testimonials and the product display part of it is very simple for us to add to the homepage when we know what we want to do.

Lanny:  Right now, that plan sitting there if you edit page, that’s just text or something there?

Rick:  Well, no. That’s the actual title of the page. There is no text in there.

Display Images in the Homepage Using Shortcodes

Lanny:  If you wanted to put some images in there or if you wanted some kind of image in there, you could.

Rick:  Absolutely. Yeah, this is plain old content. We can put shortcodes in that and will put the products in. Very similar to what we did in Week 2 or something like that. We used the shortcodes for putting in products and then I just threw that stuff out and took it out. What do you want to spin in the homepage?

Lanny:  I don’t know. Originally, I thought what I wanted was some little icons for all those different categories there. But we’ve already kind of got them in browse our catalog activity in the sidebar.

Rick:  Yeah.

Lanny:  I don’t know if I missed something that again, just fill up the homepage.

Rick:  Yeah.

Helen:  I kind of like the featured products or something sell whatever.

Rick:  Well, we could put a slider on the homepage just with images and testimonials and that’s we’ve done in MMU, right?

Lanny:  Yeah, one idea that I have are images that are in the products is that this is where you start. People come to the store, they don’t know what to buy first. I think a slider or something would be nice or something to dress up that homepage so people go there for the first time.

Rick:  Right. How did that happen?

Lanny:  I don’t know. It’s weird, isn’t it?

Rick:  Isn’t that funny? It’s showing the right style.

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