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Lesson 7 – Part 4 – Testing Transactions with

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To wrap up this seminar, we are going to talk about testing transactions in Shopp with, managing order fulfillment in Shopp and then managing customer information. We’re going to start off with

Now, I want to draw your attention to this document at I’ve placed it in the Week 7 resources with the user guide and It’s a useful tool for getting this configuration down right.

In particular, it’s got the MasterCard and Visa numbers that can be used during test mode. Anyway, it’s a useful page to be able to bookmark and get to when you’re doing your testing.

Enable Test Mode in Shopp

The very first thing to do is to set everything up in test mode so that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll come over to Shopp and go to Settings. Come over to payments, we’re now using our setup here and we need to make sure that we enable test mode. With test mode enabled, hit save changes.

Something that caused me a little confusion as I was mucking about with this is that I made the mistake of believing that the login id was actually the login id and it’s not actually. An API key has two parts. It’s got this login id and then it has this transaction key. These aren’t the regular logins. These are specifically for the API which is what this Shopp has interfaced with.

API Login ID and Transaction Key

You want to make sure you’re working with the same 2 pieces here. If you don’t know what that is over here in your account, come over to Settings and then look down here at API login id and transaction key. This is where you get that information.

The transaction key is hidden so you have to know your secret information in order to get it. You can disable all transaction keys to create a new one. You need both your API login id and your secrete transaction key and we have the good fortune of having both of those here.

Set up to Work in the Test Mode

The other thing you need to do is set up to work in the test mode and again, that’s under Account Settings. And right under General Security Settings, there’s this little thing here that says test mode. So if you click on that and you turn test on, now we have everything set up in test mode in both places. This is what we need to do in order to make sure that we’re going to get the transaction processed properly.

Submitting Order Test

We’re going to do this using these test credit card numbers and I think this Visa number is wrong. We won’t use a Visa number but we’ll use this MasterCard number as our test credit card number. We’re going to start off by buying a product. We’re going to add this product to our cart and this remembers information about me so it’s got my zip code, 98020 and United States.

If I wanted to update the subtotal based on my shipping, I can go ahead and update the subtotal and proceed to checkout.

I don’t want to do this as myself this time because I want to show you what it looks like when you’ve got 2 different products, 2 different orders and 2 different customers. I’ll change a little bit of stuff up here so that we have a different person listed.

Completion of Transaction

We’re going to borrow this payment information here. Let me take the MasterCard one and place it there. Any expiration date in the future works, so 02/12 and I was using MasterCard then any 3 number thing will work here like this. I’m going to check “Yes, I would like to receive emails, updates, and special offers.” I’m going to change my name here too. We’ll go ahead and submit the order.

This is what the order looks like now. Isn’t it interesting that it shows the customer the order number? When we set this thing up, we could’ve specified the starting place for our order numbers and we can see where that would be used. It’s got a transaction number, the date, the bill to, ship to, the type of shipping that was done, item that was ordered, the quantity, the price and total. This is essentially the transaction completion.

Now we can obviously change this. For example, we could put some additional information in this thank you thing.  We could do that by opening up that template so if we open up the thanks.php, we could put a thank you message in there. Again, we can make any of the kinds of changes, structural or otherwise to this template, simply by changing this in the same way that we’ve changed the rest of all that stuff.

It’s a very simple procedure to do and that’s the transaction. The transaction went through fine. Let’s go ahead and do that. Let’s try and make one that fails.

Testing a Failed Transaction

Let’s go to shooting sports, add that to the cart and let’s proceed to checkout. You can see I’ve got the wrong payment information. Let’s submit this order and you’ll see what happens. We’ll get an error and “The credit card you provided is invalid.” If we didn’t provide any credit card information and we submitted the order, we’d have this, “You did not provide a credit card number.”

If we take a number that’s going to be declined, 0512 and 122 and submit this. It says it’s invalid, I thought we’d get a declined message. Let’s see what happens if I change a couple of numbers there. Let’s try 03, pick Discover card and submit the order. It’s not actually being declined. If I submit the order now, the order went through. I was expecting to see a different message with an invalid thing and say that the transaction was declined.

So we’ve created another transaction there and as luck would have it, we will have some transaction emails. Let’s see, I need to login to that account though.

Now I have a couple of different orders here. I have the order that was order number 2 and this is the email. It looks very much like the confirmation or the transaction result display on the system. I’m guessing that Lanny has received a couple of emails. Lanny, I’m going to unmute your microphone. Lanny, have you received any emails?

Lanny:  Oh let’s see…

Rick:  You see, it would have been Helen that received them because we made Helen the…

Lanny:  I’m not so sure we can get to her email.

Rick:  Yeah, is the…

Lanny:  We can’t get to that email from here.

Remove Test Mode in Real Transactions

Rick:  Okay, I’m guessing that you received emails about these transactions and they probably look very similar to the other thing, probably nothing special about that. The trick to this is to remember to remove the test mode because while you’re in test mode, you can’t collect any money. You want to make sure you remove test mode in and that you remove test mode on your site.

Money will actually change hands and now that we’re out of that system.

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