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Lesson 8 – Part 3 – Create a Manual Buyer Account

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Step 3 in this process then is to create a buyer account. We come back over here to the PayPal sandbox and under test accounts, we’re going to create a new test account. But this time, we’re going to create it manually.

Create a Manual Account to Test Both Shopp and PayPal

The reason we are creating the seller account manually is because we want to test both Shopp and PayPal with this account. And if we give a fictitious email address or if we let the PayPal sandbox create a fictitious email address, we aren’t ever going to see the email that Shopp sends out. So what we’re going to use here is a real email address for our seller account.

Let’s get started on our personal account. And this is a real email address, it’s going to And then first name, I’m going to say RickBuyer, TesterBuyer. And then I’m going to use a real address here because I don’t want there to be a difference between the address I insert here and the address I use when I make the purchase. So I’m going to do that here and we’re going to add a credit card.

And at this point, what you want is a fake credit card number. It’s just a bunch of fake numbers you put in. Give yourself an expiration date that is in the future, give yourself a fake number there, and say “Yes, Create an Account” and see if it works. I think that fake number will work just fine.

Credit Card Number

I’m not going to enter a credit card number this time. Let’s see what happens. Okay, I definitely need to enter a credit card number and it’s got to be a fake credit card number but it can’t just be threes. So I’m going to use this credit card number that it created for me for the seller’s account, cheat a little bit there. Okay so now it’s a Visa card. Okay, we’re just going to let that go for a moment.

Bank Account

But the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add a bank account. And this is fake, this is a fake name. Go ahead and leave it as checking. Go ahead and leave these account numbers the same as they are and hit continue.

Confirmed Deposits

Now we’re at confirmed deposits. You’re just going to put 2 different values in here. It doesn’t matter what they are. Again, this is fake but you actually have to put values in there. And the reason this is important is because we need to make sure that we are verified. So let’s go ahead and get verified. Okay, it says now we’re a verified PayPal user.

We can go to our account. Now, our status is verified. And so now, we can actually make the purchase.

Okay so let’s just go back to that Add a Credit Card and see if I can add a credit card. Okay, now that we are where we are, now it automatically fills these out for us. So we’ll just go ahead and add the card and it’s going to work fine. Oh, a valid expiration date. The expiration date still needs to be in the future. Okay, there we go.

Why We Use Fake Credit Card Information

So now we have added a Visa card. We’ve got a bank account. All this stuff is fake. Please be sure not to use a real Visa card or a real credit card in this because this is intended to be false. It’s just a way of having this thing set up.

Some people want to test their system when somebody not a valid purchaser or doesn’t have a valid account. You want to test and see what happens that way. And so that’s why you would set up an account where they didn’t have a bank account and they didn’t have a Visa card so you could test what happened there. But in any case, we have this set up now properly so that we are a verified purchaser.

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