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Lesson 8 – Part 1 – Create a PayPal Sandbox Account

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This morning we’re going to learn how to set up a PayPal testing environment and then test Shopp using that PayPal testing environment and see all of the different parts of that process. And then we’ll switch and configure Shopp using PayPal. So first, we’ll test it in a testing environment and then we’ll set it up for real in PayPal. And at that point, we should be in good shape.

Existing PayPal Videos on BYOBWebsite

There are resources on BYOB Website currently on how to do this and they can be found in Week 3 of Create A Membership Website and Week 6 of Create A Membership Website. If we come down to the menu and go to Create A Membership Website and then go down to Week 3, Week 3 Part 2 shows you how to set up to get your PDT Identity Token and things like that. In the outline here you can see Payment Gateway Settings and in particular, like I said, the PDT Identity Token is really the crucial thing to accomplish here.

And then Week 6 Part 4 has the section on setting up the PayPal test environment. Now actually, I’m hoping to do a better job of it this time than I did when I did that last time. But nevertheless, on the Lesson 6 main page under Resources there are handouts and links to setting up the PayPal test environment that are worth using as a reference. And so it makes some sense to potentially revisit this information as well.

These videos are not Shopp-specific, they actually refer to WP eStore but the principles are the same and the methods of setting up the PayPal system are the same.

Steps to Follow When Setting Up the Testing Environment

When we’re setting up a PayPal testing environment, we really have 5 steps. The first step is to set up a testing account. The second step is to create a seller account. The third step is to create a buyer account. Then you configure Shopp for testing. And finally, you test the transactions.

Set Up Sandbox Testing Account

So the first thing to do is to just set up your sandbox testing account and you will do that from Once you’re here, you can go over to Sign Up Now. You’ll enter your name, your address and this email address needs not be your PayPal account login. It’s got to be some other valid email address.

Nevertheless, you fill this stuff out and you submit it. Then what’s going to happen is, PayPal will send you a confirmation email to this email address. And you’ll click on that link to log in to your testing account. So that’s how you set it up. You sign up, make sure you don’t use your PayPal email and then you look for the email from PayPal and follow those directions. And once you’ve done that, you’re back to this section right here and you can log in.

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