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Lesson 5 – Part 2 – Overview of the Registration Cycle

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Now we’re on to today’s main course content. We are going to talk about configuring autoresponder and emails. It’s a process that is important to understand and when I first tried to figure this out myself I had a hard time understanding what happened when and what the different pieces of the relationship were. And so way back when I made myself a little hand drawn illustration so I could see how things went together and I’ve put that up here for the presentation. We are going to walk through it so you can see how each piece follows the next piece. And then we’ll go through the process of actually setting it up.

Create a Membership Website – Free Signup

So the first part of this we are going to talk about is the free signup system and this in particular is with AWeber. This is very similar in Mail Champ although it’s not absolutely the same. But in AWeber step one, for the free transaction system, is somebody selects that Join Now button and it takes them immediately to a page that has an opt-in form. For example, let’s just go to the page on our site, this is our free signup here. So they click on this button and it takes them to this free register page where there is an opt-in form that they fill out.

Create a Membership Website – Free Signup, Opt-in Form

When they fill out that opt-in form and hit Submit, it goes on to step two. Then AWeber does a couple of things; one is it redirects the person who’s just filled out this opt-in form to a thank you form on your page. And then the other thing it does is sends out an opt-in confirmation email. So people aren’t going to actually be able to register for a free account until they have confirmed their email address and opted into the email list through AWeber.

The reason I do this is because I don’t have to worry about spam user signups using this system. Any spam user signup that exists is going to be entirely handled by AWeber. And I’ll be sorted out because the only people who actually signup are people with legitimate email addresses who legitimately confirm that email address and opt-in to the system. So it cuts out all of the spam users signups and all of the bogus signups and that kind of stuff.

And so AWeber sends out this opt-in confirmation email. Now just to help you understand the color coding here these orange arrows represent the website redirection path. So when you click on the Join Now button it takes you to that free register page which has that opt-in form. Then you click on the Submit button and it redirects you to the thank you page. These blue arrows represent the processes happening in the background. The very light yellow envelope is an AWeber email and the very light purple envelope will be a WP eMember email.

So then step three is you confirm that opt-in email or that opt-in subscription form. You receive the opt-in email in the mail, you select confirm and then what happens is AWeber sends you the first follow up email and it also directs you to the actual registration page. Now in WP eMember the registration page is the same for all membership levels, it’s just one registration page and it directs you to that registration page and if WP eStore hasn’t passed any specific information to this registration page on your behalf the only thing you can sign up for is a free account. So that’s the way this works, you hit the Confirm, AWeber sends you a first follow up mail, your welcome email, and sends you into this actual registration page.

Create a Membership Website – Free Signup, Register

And then the final step is on this registration page where you actually register with WP eMember. This is where you again put your name, address, email address, username and password here to create that. And once you’ve created that eMember then will forward it to the member dashboard which we’ve created and then will send you a confirmation email of your registration just saying you have registered, here’s your username and your password and the email address that we are using for this purpose. And so that’s this process; you’ve got step one, step two, step three and step four each of these pieces doing their own piece of this.

It’s actually more complicated for the free signup than it is for the paid signup. Let’s just talk about the emails we have to configure. You have three emails that you have to configure in AWeber and two emails to configure in WP eMember. You have the AWeber opt-in confirmation email, you have the AWeber first follow up email and you have the AWeber admin registration notification email. We are going to set up all these emails together here after I’ve finished describing what’s going on here. But you have these are the three emails that you have to manage in AWeber at a minimum. And then in WP eMember you have that registration confirmation email and then you also have the admin notification registration email. So there are five emails to deal with in this free registration process.

Create a Membership Website – Paid Signup

So the next thing we do then is talk about the paid signup process using AWeber. It looks similar, that is you select that Join Now and it takes you to PayPal, you pay your PayPal fee and then WP eStore records the transaction. I left PayPal out of the illustration but that’s what happens here. You hit Join Now, it takes you to PayPal, you pay your money and WP eStore records that transaction.

Step two is that WP eStore does a bunch of things; first it directs you to the thank you page. So in the same way that the previous behavior did it sends you to the thank you page except the thank you page also contains all the transaction information. So it’s similar in fact to an online receipt.

It will tell you how much you paid, what you purchased and any additional information here on your thank you page. The next thing it does is it sends your information to AWeber so it sends your name, email address and that sort of thing. It sends you a transaction receipt in the mail. So it’s essentially an email version of the thank you page. It says again thank you for your purchase, here’s how much money you spent, here’s what you bought and this transaction receipt can also include some very specific information about what’s coming next.

So this is the first email WP eStore sends out when you pay your money. Then the second email you get is the registration link or a prompt and it prompts you to complete your registration by selecting the link on this email and when you do that it takes you to step three. And step three is again the registration page. It’s the same registration page for all of them except that this registration link carries with it when you click on that it carries with it all of your registration information, fills in some parts of this. In particular, it tells this registration form which membership level you paid for so you don’t have to indicate in the membership level, it’s telling you what the membership level is.

Create a Membership Website – Paid Signup, Complete Registration

Now all you have to do is fill in the rest of your membership registration form, essentially your first name, last name, email address, username and password. And then once you fill that out and hit Register it takes you to step four and in that case it takes you over to WP eMember. And in very much the same way as it did with the free membership, it automatically takes you to the member dashboard and it sends you that registration confirmation email.

The thing that’s missing from this process is that you don’t necessarily need to confirm your opt-in with AWeber. We use the confirm opt-in system with AWeber on the free membership but you don’t necessarily have to do that with the paid membership. AWeber will allow you to automatically add people who pay you money to your email list.

And so that’s possible, you all have noticed that that’s not actually how I do it. I still send out an opt-in confirmation email when you paid for membership, if you paid for membership then you got an AWeber opt-in email. If you chose not to opt-in then you are not on my mailing list. You are still a member but you are not getting any emails from me unless it’s renewable because I don’t use AWeber email system for renewals. So you are not getting any weekly announcements or anything like that.

It’s possible not to have an opt-in in your system so I didn’t show an opt-in system here for that one. And in this case you have a couple of other emails that you have to put together.

Create a Membership Website – Paid Signup, WP eStore

The first one is your WP eStore transaction receipt that needs to be configured. That needs to be configured as well as the WP eStore notification of product sale which is email that the admin receives once somebody makes a purchase. You are going to love seeing this in your inbox by the way. I always love seeing the notification of product sale because that means I’ve made some money that day.

Create a Membership Website – Paid Signup, Emails

And the next thing is your first follow up email. This is very similar to the first follow up email from AWeber on the free and the same thing is with the admin notification, again it’s essentially the same as it was in the free. However you also have to create a prompt to complete your registration email for this and so that’s a new email that didn’t exist before and then your registration confirmation email and your admin registration notification.

So now you’ve got seven emails associated with the paid registered emailing list. So now you can see why I talk about why it can be complicated when you have seven emails to manage this way and six emails to manage the other way. There’s plenty of stuff to keep track of. Because of that I’ve also created a checklist for you and that checklist is on the site for you to download here, the week 5 Registration Checklist. So that you can make sure you make your way through each of the steps to make sure that each of the things are properly configured.

Actually it was months before I always remembered every step and I didn’t make myself a checklist so I’d always have to go back to the Help files and say okay when do I have to set up? So anyway I made this checklist for you to hopefully to make it a little bit easier for you to stay on top which of the things you need to create or configure in order for the whole system to work properly.

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