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Lesson 6 – Part 2 – Add Content Protection to Pages

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The next thing we are going to do is to add content protection to our pages. We talked about the concepts of content protection but now we are actually going to physically add that content protection. We are going to do that starting off with our free course and really there are only a couple of pages we need to work on here.

Create a Membership Website – Free Course Protection

So if we come down to Pages this is not under the Product section but it’s under the Courses section. If we hit on Thesis which is free come down here, go all the way down to the bottom and say “Yes Protect This Content” and then select the membership level that can access this content.

We are going to give free members access to it plus multi-lingual and the membership site members and say Update. We need to do the same thing for the next page in the free members. I also created a Module one, Setting Up Your Hosting Account page, so we’ll go ahead and edit that one as well and again we are going to protect it. And all of these things are selected. This is a child page so we could un-set some of these if we wanted but this automatically got its protection because it’s a child page of the page that we protected this way.

Create a Membership Website – Membership and Multi-Lingual Course Protection

That was the free version, now we want to set up the paid version and so we’ll go to How to Create a Membership Website. If I go ahead and edit this, go down to the bottom and then we are going to protect it. We are only going to make it available to the membership site, just like that and say Update. We’ll come back over and take a look at the Signup for the Mailing List page which we created last week. This should also be protected for those same levels and then the same thing should be true for the multi lingual site. Edit that make sure it’s protected, yes it is protected from multi lingual. Then we’ll make sure that the Signup For The Mailing List is also protected for that. And yes that one is also protected.

Create a Membership Website – Remove Bookmarks

So we have all of our protection set up. The only other thing that I want to do is get rid of some bookmarks. Right now what happens is a bookmark sitting right here. You can’t see it because we are not logged in as a member but we are going to fix that in just a moment and then we are going to get rid of this bookmark here. I think we’ll just go ahead and do that right now.

We are going to create an admin protection level because right now even though I’m admin I don’t get access to this because I haven’t given the admin member access to this. And so the way we take care of that is to go back down to WP eMember and Members then Import WP users.

We have no members right now. We want to import the admin user so here’s the admin user and it’s going to automatically import it to the multi-lingual site at the moment. What we are going to do is to create a new membership level for admin that never expires and that has access to all content. You’ll only assign your administrative users to this so there won’t be any signup or registration system for it. It’s just going to be essentially a membership role.

So we’ll Add New and call it Admin Access. The default WordPress role we are going to keep as subscriber, redirect after log in, leave blank, it never expires and we’ll go ahead and hit Submit. And then under Content Protection and Admin Access we are going to select everything and grant access. Comments and Categories we were going to protect them separately anyway so that was pretty much all we needed to do except we may as well disable the bookmarks for everything as well. The admin doesn’t really need to get bookmarks here.

Actually maybe we’ll keep that. So we turn off all that. We’ll go ahead and allow bookmarking of that one and bookmarking of this one and of this one. Save it. I need to now go back to Members and give myself that admin access. And so if we edit this and say the membership level is actually admin access and save member info. Now I have admin access and if I refresh this I should be able to go to any page now. Let’s try that.

I’m logged in to WordPress but I’m not logged in to WP eMember. So I’ll do that. Ordinarily if you use this login what will happen is you will automatically be logged in to WordPress but because I was logged into WordPress first I wasn’t automatically logged into eMember. So anyway we are logged in to eMember now.

If I go back to pages, I don’t want the bookmark here for example. Okay there we go the bookmark is not here, perfect. I guess the only other thing we want to do is add access to these pages on our dashboard. Remember the way we have this set up when you log in it takes you automatically to the dashboard. Right now we don’t have a Members Only Menu so somehow in order for us to test the protection we need to put links to Protected Pages here.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to edit this page. This will be the link to the free course. This will be the link to the membership course and this will be the link to the multi-lingual course. Then we’ll come back over to Pages. This is our free course URL, so we select Link, paste it in the link. Then this is our membership course URL, link, paste it. Finally, our multi-lingual course URL, link, update, view the page and now we have these three courses each of these are to protected places on the site.

So you are only going to be able to get there if you have the right kind of membership. Right now as an admin member I have access to everything as we’ve set it up. When we come in later as other kinds of members we are not going to be able to get into all these other places unless we have the right level of membership and that’s what we’ll really be testing here.

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