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Lesson 6 – Part 3 – Testing the System – Free Registration

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We are ready to test now. We have completed our user registration, we have added content protection to our pages and now we are going to test the system. We are going to start off by testing our free registration. In order for this to work I’m going to log out and close these. So I’m here as a non-member at the moment and we are going to test our system of registration.

AWeber Signup

I’m going to start with the free signup so we’ll go to How to Install WordPress and Thesis and select the Register for Our Free Course. This takes me to my AWeber signup form that we worked on last week. In this AWeber signup form I’m going to put in my name, and email.

I’ve set up some gmail accounts in order to do this testing. In order to do this properly you are going to need some test accounts which you are going to throw away later and gmail is fast and easy to create them with. So anyway I’ve created byobtest1 and byobtest2 in gmail and test 1 is going to be this user here.

So we’ll go ahead and get access. See how cool that is, you get this video that jumps up. Because of the way we set up our AWeber account it gives you a little video that tells you to make sure you check. And then we are going to come back over here and sign into that account. Let’s see

So we should soon be getting an email from AWeber on this. There we go, so there is our AWeber email Confirm Your Subscription To We go ahead and confirm that subscription and once confirmed it takes us to Thank You For Trying Us Out. Unfortunately with the way I have it configured its taking me to my actual site, the, rather than but that’s okay we’ll go ahead and do it here anyway.

So in this case my username is going to be byobtest1, I’ll give it a password, and an email address. The problem with putting all this here is that people feel like they may need to fill all that out. As it is not all of this is required so I’m not going to fill it all out. Rick, byobtest1, USA and then we’ll go ahead and select Register.

Now this is completing the registration process. Isn’t that funny, I thought I had successfully erased this, let’s see what happens over here if I do that. I hadn’t properly anticipated the possibility that I would be routed to my main site. I already had tested byobtest1 and so there was that little glitch. But you are not going to have that problem because you won’t be testing with something you’ve already tested before.

Create a Membership Website – Access to Lessons for Free Registration

As a free member I should not have access to the membership lessons and when I click on that link it says the content is restricted. I shouldn’t have access to the multi-lingual because that content is restricted. But I should have access to the free lessons and I do so that works. And if we log out of this and then log back in as administrator and then go down to WP eMember. Byobtest1 our free membership user ID 6 is there.

I need to get rid of byobtest2 because that is going to cause me problems when I try to do my next one so I’m just going to kill it here, delete byobtest2. You are not going to have this trouble because your AWeber form is automatically going to direct you to the right place rather than having all these different versions of the same site and having one AWeber trying to route you there.

Anyway we’ve got our free membership level with byobtest1. Let’s go to our WordPress Users, if we go to all users you can see there’s a byobtest1 user so that was successfully created. And then we should also have some other emails because now we have Thank You for Joining and this is the first follow up message from AWeber that we created last week. And then we have also Your Registration Is Complete which gives the username and password of that registration.

So these are the three emails you will have gotten using this system. So that’s testing the free registration. The free registration works fine; it signs everybody up, the process works to get the right emails and it gives you the right level of permission.

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