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Lesson 6 – Part 5 – Test Paid Signup

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Here we are back to the site as a non-logged in user. If we go to our Products and we go to How to Create a Membership Website we can start this course now which is essentially the purchase. And now rather than taking us to regular PayPal you can see this takes us to So this is a Sandbox process rather than the real one. And now the email address we are going to choose is the and then I log in.

Create a Membership Website – Pay with PayPal

So this is what it looks like if you are paying. Go ahead and say Pay Now. The purchase has now been completed and it’s going to reroute us now back to the Thank You page. And if it doesn’t happen we could click this button but I want to watch it take us back to the Thank You page. Hopefully it doesn’t really take that long. Okay let’s just click here then to go to the Thank You page.

Now we are at our Thank You page. Here is the expectation for the emails but it also says here’s the transaction result  – How to Create The Membership Website, the cost was that, here’s the transaction ID and then the email address that was used for this process.

Create a Membership Website – Setup Registration

So we come over here and sign in as a different user, Okay here are the two emails that I’ve received. I received a Complete Your Registration email and a Thank You For Your Purchase email. I’ve not yet gotten that third one but I’m going to go ahead and click Complete Your Registration and then select the link and now that takes me to the Register place.

I am going to use byobtest2 and then notice how it automatically knows what the right membership is to add to it. Select Register. So that registration has been complete. If we come back over and look at our email addresses you can see the Thank You for Your Purchase. If we open up that you can see this is the receipt you created this and such and such.

And then if we come back over here there is the final Your Registration Is Now Complete, here are the registration details. Here we can go ahead and login using byobtest2 which takes us to the dashboard and tells me the membership level is membership site, the account status is active and it expires January 21st 2012. If I go to Free Lessons that should be available, it is. If I go to Membership Lessons that should be available and it is and if I go to Multi-Lingual Lessons that should be restricted and it is.

If we come back over and then log out of this and log in as the administrator and then as the administrator we scroll down to Manage Customers. You can see my test from yesterday which I didn’t delete. I thought I had but I didn’t. Then this purchase right here with that transaction ID which we saw in the Thank You page.

And then if we look at our stats it shows, well I deleted a bunch of sales, it shows I had two sales but the sale in particular is hidden in this. The stats show all of the sales even the ones I deleted.

And then if we go to WP eMember and we look at our Members we now have our admin guy, we have our test1 which is our free and we have our test2 which is our membership site.

And if we look at Users here All Users we have test1 and test2 and in terms of subscriber roles remember last time we created a subscriber role or a member role that was paid. So if it was unpaid you were a subscriber but if you were paid you were a member. You can see that this was assigned the member role rather than the subscriber role because it’s a paid membership.

Create a Membership Website – PayPal Overview

So that’s looking at it from this side, now let’s take a look at it from the PayPal side. First let’s look at our overview on our business side. Okay so this is going to show that I actually paid somebody from this account. That is the thing about the manual account sometimes you end up having to do other stuff with it. But you can see here that today I sent to Rick Anderson’s Test Score a payment of $79.

Now if we close out of this one and we look at the business version. Enter the Sandbox for that one. I guess what I have to do is logout. I guess that’s what I needed to do and now enter the Sandbox test site. Then use my business login and on the business side it’s going to show income of that amount so there it is payment from Rick Test2 of $80 so that part worked. And if you recall the balance it was around $150 now it’s up from that.

And then finally you can look at the test emails that were circulated inside of here. These byobtest3 emails were created when I created the byobtest3. These are emails that theoretically were sent to this email address but the Sandbox actually doesn’t send out any email it just fake sends out email to this test section.

And so byobtest2, the purchaser, got a receipt for his payment which you can see here. And then the seller got a notification of payment or a notification of product sale notification or of payment received from. And here’s the information you would have seen this as an email ordinarily. And so those emails have all behaved properly and we have a system that actually worked.

Create a Membership Website – Test Paid Upgrade

So the next thing I want to do then is I want to test an upgrade. We tested the ordinary signup now we want to test an upgrade. Thesis eMember, I’m going to log out of this again, go back to the site and I’m going to login as byobtest1. I’m a free member except I’m going to purchase a paid membership now and I’m going to start the course now. I’m going to use the byobtest3 email address, login and pay. Let’s click here. So here’s our Thank You page with all of our transaction information. Come back over to byobtest, switch accounts, and sign in to another account.

Now because I upgraded I got an email saying that my member account has been upgraded and I get a Thank You for Your Purchase and I get a Confirm Your Subscription from AWeber. I’ll go ahead and confirm which brings me back to this. And then if I logout and then log back in, it still shows me as a free member but it will give me access to this. It does give me access. So there may be a setting I need to set for this because. I’ll logout here and go back in as administrator and look at my Members. Ttest1, if I edit him, right now his primary membership level is free. That primary membership does not change.

So if I want to make him membership site level, I guess I have to do it that way. I have to manually change his membership level. He stays free automatically but let’s take it back to free for a second. Take it back to where we were and edit it. So he does have access to membership site but this is his primary membership level.

What we want is for him to have a primary membership level of the next one up. If we make membership site his primary membership level and we save that now here is there. Let’s see what happens to Users. Okay at least that worked, he automatically upgraded to a member level from a subscriber level. There may be a way to automatically change them from being primary free to primary paid and I’ll take a look at that and get back to you all next week with that.

But then if we look at the Manage Customers, test3 is a customer and the tricky thing about this, and it is always going to be a tricky thing, is the relationship between the email address that they paid with and the email address that they use for their primary email address on the site. The email address byobtest3 is actually being used by the user who has the working email address of byobtest1. You can see that here if you go to Manage Members. So you’ve got this thing here where byobtest1 is his last name. It’s a little better if the first name and last name are the same.

It’s often the case that somebody signs up for a free membership, and doesn’t know whether or not there are interested so gives you some bogus information and then they decide that they like this and are going to sign up for real. Then they give you the email address they really want to use and they give you real first and last name information. And unfortunately that information can fail to jive with the sales information.

Create a Membership Website – Member Identification

I run my site on Wishlist member but that problem still exists that the one to one relationship between the sale and the member is not always obvious. Often you have to figure it out because the email address that they used to pay is different than the email address on the site and the names they used to pay for may be different from the names they use on the site.

Somebody here recently used their PayPal address and it was in their maiden name but they use their married name to sign up on the site. You often have these odd little things and you may have to figure out and this is a good example of that here.

In any case there are a variety of other things that you can test like refunds and related things and with a Sandbox configured you can go ahead and test all those things. Obviously you can easily create an additional people to test different potential transactions. But this is really the big one, you want to make sure that it works when somebody pays you money that when they pay you money it automatically makes them a member and gives them access to the content and puts money in your account and sends out the right receipts and that’s happening right now.

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