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Lesson 7 – Create Member Dashboard

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In this seventh lesson, Create the Member Dashboard, of our How to Create a Membership Website course we begin by showing how to add a members menu. Then we move on to developing the member dashboard so that their profile, purchase history and bookmarks are all shown. And finally, we show how to download and install Simple:Press Forum which is a forum plugin that integrates well with WordPress and the Thesis theme.

Add Members Menu – Watch the Video

  • Download & Install the BYOB Thesis WP Menus Plugin

    • Download
    • Install & activate
  • Create the new Menu

    • Select Number of menus
    • Settings for the Thesis Nav Menu
      • if you are using BYOB Thesis Nav Menu plugin –
        • upgrade to 1.5
        • set visibility
      • location & visibility
    • Settings for the New Menu
      • Name
      • Location
      • Visibility
  • Configure the New Menu

    • Appearance -> Menus
    • Add members pages
    • Rearrange
  • Test

Develop the Member Dashboard – Watch the Video

  • Add welcome message

    • Install J Shortcodes
    • Create an attention box
  • Add Bookmarks

    • WP eMember Shortcodes
  • Add Purchase History

    • WP eStore Shortcodes
  • Add Member Profile

    • To Profile page
    • WP eStore Shortcodes

Install Simple:Press Forum – Watch the Video

  • Review the Directions

    • This is the readme file
  • Download Plugin

  • Unzip to Local Directory

  • Upload Plugin

  • Backup Database using phpMyAdmin

    • login to host
    • go to phpMyAdmin
    • export
  • Activate Plugin

  • Install Plugin

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