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Lesson 9 – Part 5 – Rick’s Suggested Video Hosting System

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So that is my scorecard and assessment on all of those options. Now I am going to tell you what my suggested video delivery system is. Before I do that, I want you to understand what my criteria are. I am doing this to make a living and to make money, so from my standpoint I have to provide a product and service to my customers that they are willing to pay for.


First, I want perfect HD quality. You have to be able to view my videos perfectly and regardless of what type of device you are viewing them on the quality has to be very, very high. So perfect HD quality.

Secondly, I want maximum security. I don’t want my videos stolen. I do want to preserve the ability to control who has access to my videos, so the only people I want to trust with access to the videos are people who have demonstrated a commitment to me and my site by purchasing an annual membership. Everybody else has access to the videos in a very secure situation.

Next I want very high visibility. I want to be able to create a sitemap for all of my videos, and I want to have my videos publicly visible on sharing sites. Finally, I want perfect mobility. That means I want to be able to be the site that delivers mobile content to anyone who wants it.

These are my criteria for making these choices. Notice that cost isn’t in here. Cost is, theoretically, a factor, but you’ll notice that I have probably chosen some of the more expensive solutions in order to accomplish my goals: perfect HD quality, maximum security, very high visibility, and perfect mobility.

Hybrid Hosting/Self Hosting System

The way I accomplish this is with a hybrid system and that system is a combination of hosted and self-hosted videos. In terms of hosted videos, my mobile and public videos I host on Vimeo and I use a Vimeo Pro account. That will cost you a couple hundred bucks. I always serve a Vimeo version for mobile devices because every single mobile device in the marketplace is supported by Vimeo. Everybody with a mobile device can view my videos in their own particular format.

Then for public videos, that is videos I want to be publicly visible and that I want to be able to create sitemaps for, I use the old Vimeo embed code which allows me to create a sitemap and also allows for public sharing of videos. I want my public videos to be shared. I want people to be able to pass them around and for people to see them, and I want them to be indexed. So the old Vimeo embed code gives me that ability with my public videos. Then the videos that I consider to be promotional videos I also host on Vimeo Pro, but I make them public and I also place them on YouTube.

All of my public videos are hosted on YouTube, however, I don’t use YouTube to embed them on my site. I only use YouTube as a method of marketing, essentially. That is my public videos, the ones I give away for free, are all on YouTube so if someone goes to YouTube specifically to find information then hopefully they will find those videos. But I don’t like the implication of using YouTube as an embedding system on my site so I don’t use my YouTube videos on my site itself.

Then all of the rest of the videos are self-hosted. Those videos I host on Amazon S3 and I keep those videos private. I use the S3FlowShield player to deliver, or serve up, those videos and it serves up all non-mobile and private videos. I also serve some public videos using this system, and the main reason is because I am still trying to figure out whether it makes the most sense for public videos to be hosted on Amazon or to be hosted on Vimeo, and I haven’t really made a decision on that yet.

So currently we have public videos hosted both ways, but as soon as someone comes to one of those public videos with a mobile device they are automatically delivered the mobile version. All private videos are hosted on Amazon S3, they are all HD, and all are delivered using S3FlowShield player.

That is my suggested system. That system is, I think, the best of all worlds. It gives me everything I want, which is very high-quality high-definition delivery, mobile delivery when people arrive with a mobile device, complete protection of those videos I want to protect, and yet I have the ability to have video sitemaps of all of my videos.

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