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Lesson 2 – Part 3 – Membership Website, Create the Initial Pages

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Now we’re going to talk about setting up the initial pages. And just to remind you we are creating this membership site that sells access to individual courses for a fee. Its courses are going to have a set fee, they are going to have a limited duration of access, and then continued access is going to be available for a fee. This is the way I see the pages being created and I’m using the term pages loosely here; I’m not using pages versus post although the majority of these are pages.  So I want to talk about how these pages work.

Create a Membership Website – Visibility of Pages

We have 5 different classes of pages that show up here. The first class is the pages that are always visible. For example, your home page is always going to be visible and accessible; your contact page is going to be as well. Your about page is only going to be visible to guests because your members probably don’t need to go back to this page. If you really want to give them a link to this, you can do so perhaps in an administrative navigation menu but in terms of the main menu, the about page will go away when somebody logs in.

And the pages that are linked along this line here, these are what we call top level pages. So Contact is a top level page, it does not have a parent page. About is a top level page.

Offers will be a top level page but the offers page is never going to be visible, it is only going to be there for advertising purposes. So members are never going to be able to get there from a toolbar or from a link because you’re going to be using these offers pages and landing pages as pages that your ad words campaigns or that other kinds of advertising will link off to. Those will then feedback into these other pages so your offer page is a top level page.

Your Thank You page, which is where people go after they paid you money, will also be a top level page. And again it’s only be accessible when somebody actually makes a purchase, otherwise, there won’t be any access to it.

Forum will be accessible to everyone, the blog and your affiliate platform will be available and accessible to everyone so those are the systems that are available to everyone.

Then it terms of visible to guests only, much of these are only sales related pages. So your products page and then your product description for each of these things, those are all going to be publicly available pages that everybody can see. However, were going to have a public system for displaying these and were going to have a private system for displaying these.

This page here and this page are analogous – they are not exactly the same page because they don’t need to do the same job but they will have similar jobs. That is if you’re not logged in, you’ll see the products page, if you are logged in, the products page will go away and you’ll see the courses page. Now the courses page will give you access to all the courses that you’ve purchased access to. Your courses page will also give you access to the products pages that you haven’t purchased with the means of purchasing. So what we’re doing is we’re having products page for guests, people who are not logged in and for people who are new to the site, and then were going to have a courses page which is designed specifically for members that either is their hub or is a hub and a catalogue. In any case, this is visible to guests only.

The same thing is true for your log in. As soon as you’re logged in, you don’t need to see a log in screen anymore. And, in fact, what were really going to do is to have a log in plugin or widget that will allow us to log in as a part from this page that will also create a log in page just in case somebody needs access to that.

The free registration page, again you don’t need that accessible to somebody who already purchased or is already a member so it’s going to be visible only to people who are guests.

And then your course registration page is only available only to people who actually purchase access to a course.

Create a Membership Website – Pages Visible to All Members

So then we’ve come to these visible to all members and the first one is this Products page which we talked about. And we imagined a path of membership that looks like somebody comes to the site, looks to your site says, wow, that stuff is really cool but you know everybody on the internet is a liar and everybody on the internet guarantees your satisfaction.

So the way you prove that you’re not a liar and prove that people are going to be happy with your product is by providing them with some sort of access to free content as a demonstration of that. And that’s going to be our inducement to them for giving us their email address. They’re going to give us their email address and when they do that, they are going to become free members to the site.

They will then have access to the free courses, and then because we have their email address, we’ll be able to follow up with them and make special offers to them or tell them about things that have changed, or new courses that we may be offering and keep on communicating to them until they decide that they don’t want to hear from us anymore.

And so the Courses page and the Free course and Lesson page, those are going to be available to all the members automatically.

Create a Membership Website – Membership Dashboard and Pages

Once they’re a member, they’ll also have access to the membership dashboard and again the membership dashboard is going to be very similar to the membership dashboard that is on my site.

We’re going to have a lot of the same kinds of things here. We’re going to have membership information so you can figure out when you’re membership expires and what your membership level is. And because of the context that were talking about, you’ll see when the access to each course expires, and there will be a place for announcements just like I have here where we have announcements our webinars as they come up, and access to site updates, and access to forum information, and access to a favorites list.

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