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Lesson 11 – Part 2 – Add Member Course List Widget

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Video Transcript

Ok, so the next thing we’re going do is we’re going to add a course list to the site. Let’s come back over here to the dashboard. Sort of what I did right here actually, I started this once upon a time before I realized I had an older version of Thesis eMember which didn’t support this functionality, but now I do have an upgraded version which does support this functionality. So, what we’re going to do here is we are going to take this course list and we are going to put it in a widget over here. Let’s go ahead and edit this page and let’s take a look at what this course list is, essentially.

Let’s go over to widgets and let’s add a text widget. We’re just going to call it “Course List.” In fact, we’ll just call it “My Course List,” because what this is going to do is display the courses that I have access to but not the courses that I don’t have access to. So the way we’re going to do that is by using a shortcode, a WP eMember shortcode that hides information from people who aren’t authorized to view it. We’re going to start off by putting links for each of the courses here. I’m just going to go ahead and cut these links out. That’s our first link, then I am going to put a return and then, let’s see, our second link. And if it’s not clear what’s going on here, is these are links to the specific page for each course. “Br” space, OK. That’s the second course. Grab this for the third course. Let’s see, grab it for the fourth course. And then the last one. Actually we don’t need a return there. Now if we save this and we come over and look at our page. . . just going to update this. View the page. Now it’s not showing it down here. And now you can see each one of the course list, each of the courses listed here, and if you click around you’re going to see them, right. OK, so that’s the first thing.

Then the next thing we want to do is we want to hide those parts of the courses which we don’t have access to. And so, in that case what we’re going to be doing is using this shortcode which is “emember_protected do_not_show_restricted_msg=1”. So, “emember_protected” for level such and such, “do_not_show_restricted_msg=1”. Actually, let’s just copy the whole thing. Then we’ll come back over to our widget and start up at the top. So here’s the opening part of the short-code, “eMember_protected for” and “How to install WordPress and Thesis,” that is course number two. So, I’m going to get rid of that there. So, it’s protected for course number two. That is, it’s only going to show up if the person has access to course number two and it’s also not going to show the restricted message. And then I’m just going to take this little piece, that back part of the tag, and I’m going to put it after the “br”.

So, and then I’m going to. . . the other thing I need to do is I need to make sure I know which membership level we’re talking about here. So, I need to come down to my WP eMembers and open up my Membership Levels settings, so I can get this right. So, level two is free, level 3 is membership site, Ok. So my second one is actually level 6, WordPress 201. So, I’m going to grab that and in front of my second one, “Wordpress 201,” I’ll put that link and this is course number six. Then, let’s see, we’ll come down to the next one which is “How to create a Membership Website,” which I believe was course number three. Let’s just look real quick. Course number three, yeah. And then “Online Store” I think is next, which will be number seven. Number three, “How to create an Online Store,” yeah. “V” and select this as seven. And then the last one is “Multi-Lingual Site” which is four. And then we need to add all the closing tags to each of these, which is just the “[/eMember_protected]”. So, now we’ll come down after each <br> tag and put the closing tag in. Let’s save. Come over and refresh this. And now we have “My Course List,” and according to this I am signed up for these three courses: “How to Install WordPress and Thesis,” “How to create a Membership Website,” and “How to Create a Multi-Lingual Website”. So if we click on one we go over to that set. And “My Course List” is just always going to show up here, the way it’s configured at the moment. Let’s go back over to “My Dashboard.”

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