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Lesson 11 – Part 1 – Add Member Profile

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Personalize the User Experience

Today we’re going to talk about how to personalize the user experience. In particular, we’ll talk about how to make user specific information on the dashboard and on other pages, and then how to have content specific information on the content pages so that the content matches the location of the person that is viewing it. So we’re going to start off by personalizing the site by adding a profile. This is That’s where we are so far to date. And I’m going to go ahead and login.

The first thing we’re going to do is add a member profile. We’ve already created our profile page but it’s sitting here blank at the moment. So we are going to create this member profile. We have two different plugins that will create profiles for us. The first one is WP eMember and the second one is Simple:Press.

Create a Membership Website – Create Member Profile with WP eMember

We’re going to look at the WP eMember profile first, so we’ll go ahead and “Edit Page.” And let’s open up the WP eMember shortcode cheat sheet. What we are looking for is the member profile edit form. So we just copy that, and I can see I’m missing the end bracket off of this. When you copy it make sure you enter the end bracket as well. Go to our HTML view and paste it, and then put that end bracket in. Hit update, and then we’ll view the page.

What this does is it shows me the user name, the profile image, it gives you a chance to remove this and upload a different profile image, and then you can enter first name, last name, company. You can change the e-mail address. It will also let you delete your account and reset your passwords. So let’s just say 935 Daley Street. Let’s take all that stuff there and say Update. My profile has been updated so if we go to the edit profile then it has this information. So there is this little bit of profile information which you might find useful.

Create a Membership Website – Create Member Profile with Simple:Press

Simple:Press has a much more interesting and flexible profile setup and we’re going to take a look at that one next. It has logged me out of the account, so I need to log back in in order to see that. I want to be in my dashboard and go to my profile, and then I want to “Edit Page,” and rather than doing a short code here, what we need to do is go to the Simple:Press forum profile page. And in fact maybe we should just take a look at that here real quick.

Let’s go back to the site. If we go over to the forum and click on “Profile,” it takes us to this page, forum profile plus the address of the site. And this is a page that is automatically generated by Simple:Press forum. Here you can set information, you can make choices about your online identity, you can keep the forum and the WordPress display name in sync, you can auto subscribe to topics that you post in, you can hide your online status if you want, you can choose a specific kind of text editor, you can set your time zone. In this case I am minus eight. Oh, server time zone is set, set your time zone from the server. Okay, perfect, so zero. That’s where I want to be.

And you can update this kind of stuff including changing your password, selecting your avatar, and setting up a signature for your posts on the forum. And I think this is actually a much more flexible system for maintaining and editing your profile so rather than using the other system we’re going to use this one.

So all we have to do is copy this page address, and then use the WordPress. . . I’m sorry, use the Thesis 301 redirect system to redirect to this page URL. So that’s under SEO details, an additional style, down here at the bottom “301 Redirect from this Page’s URL” to here. And so now instead of displaying that page, it’s going to display. . . Instead of displaying the profile page it’s going to display this forum page. So if we come back over to the dashboard and click my profile, now we have our profile page set up. And we no longer see that profile information that is otherwise displayed by that short code because we aren’t actually going to that profile page here. What we are doing is forwarding off to the Simple:Press profile. So those are you two choices and I happen to like this one better, but you can make a choice.

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