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Lesson 11 – Part 6 – Add Module List for Each Course

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Video Transcript

We’re going to wrap this up today by adding one final widget, which will give a module listing for the course. So when we’re in this course How to install WordPress and Thesis, what I want to do is have a thing here that lists all the modules in the course, so i can easily come over and find them.

I’m going to do that with another plugin called query posts. So come back over here to this page and say add new plugin and search for query posts and install the query posts plugin it’s by ‘Justin Tadlock.’ Activate the plug in and then go back to our widgets.

Now again, we’re going to put this under the free members sub-side bar but we’re going to put it at the top. So lets see, query post’ is right there, put it at the top and the title is going to be course module list, or course modules.

Now we’re going to order this ascending so we’ll start with the first course module and end with the sixth course module and I’m going to choose in terms of its order, I’m going to choose to order these pages by their title because I’m named them module one, module two, module three so naturally that will work.

I want only the post status to be published. In terms of post type we’re going to pick any because we don’t have a choice of page here, we have a choice of post, media or any, so we’re going to chose any. In terms of post per page I’m going to say zero here.

The reason for the zero is that it gives us as many as show up, so if I had thirteen modules in this course i would want all thirteen to show, if I left this at ten and i had thirteen modules, it would only show the first ten so I’m going to put that at zero and when you say zero it shows everything; and then I’m going to choose a Post Parent, now this is really the part in which it makes it works for pages.

If you look at this it looks like its only going to work for posts, but in fact we’re going to make it work for pages by choosing the Post Parent page. So we’ll leave that open and we’ll come back over here and go to Page; and we’re looking at our Courses page and we’re going to display all of the children of the how to install the WordPress and Thesis page.

So this is actually the course parent or the page parent which you can see down in the lower left hand corner is post number thirty three. O.K, so that’s the post id its thirty three come back over here and say the post parent is thirty three and we can leave all this stuff blank. We do want to enable the widget title, we’ll go ahead and let the entry contain or be a Div.

We want to enable the entry title, actually what were going to do is leave all the rest of the stuff exactly as it is for the moment and i’ll show you what it looks like when we do. We’re going to hit save and come back over to the page where its going to show up and hit refresh and now heres our course modules. Module 1, so its got the name of the author and the date and an excerpt and Module 2 and Module 3, so on and so forth all the way down to the bottom, right, so what we’re going to do is obviously we don’t want it to be this big, I just want it to be a nice list, i don’t want really want the whole excerpt and that kind of stuff, i just want a list, so i’m going to get rid of the author and the date and the excerpt and I’m going to do that by coming over here.

First I want the entry title to be a H4 and then I then want it to be a, a H3 is the heading tab for the widget itself, so I’m going to come in and lower level and call it a H4, I don’t want any byline, this is the byline here, so its by and then you’ve got this code entry author on entry publish date but we’re just going to delete the byline entirely.

The entry content is going to have none and we’re going to, end of the page links, I think there isn’t any taxonomy meta so it doesn’t really matter we’re just going to go ahead and say save to this. Come back over and refresh this and now we’ve got our course modules setup for each of the courses and each of the course pages then has the course module showing up there, so we can go from page to page looking at our, or from module to module and if we want to get back to the main course page we can just go over here. O.K, so that raps up the material I wanted to present today, I want to open it up for questions now.

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