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Lesson 11 – Part 5 – Course Specific Sidebar Content – Control Content Display

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Video Transcript

The next thing we’re going to do is do course specific sidebar content. Now we could use the plugin that I’ve already shown you, the dynamic widgets plugin to do this, but I have also created a plugin for this purpose and it’s called the thesis sub sidebars plugin, or the b.y.o.b. thesis sub sidebars plugin.

And so I want you to come over here and we’re going to download that plugin for this purpose. Go over to plugins and scroll down to the b.y.o.b. thesis sub sidebars plugin.

This plugin gives you the ability to create a bunch of sub sidebars and place them inside existing thesis sidebars and then decide what pages they’re going to show on. So we’re going to go ahead and download the latest version which is version 1.1. And with it downloaded we’ll come back over here and add new, upload, choose the file… Activate it. And then come down to that plugin. Okay, sub sidebars.

Now the very first thing it’s going to ask you is, how many sub sidebars do you want to create? And for the moment we’re just going to leave it at two. You can create up to ten at this point. We’re going to leave it at two.

And then when you create two you get these two down here. And so the first thing you need to is give it a name. And the name we’re going to give this is free member. And we’re going to let it be, we have a choice of the top or the bottom of sidebars one or two.

Now I’m not using sidebar two so I really only have these two choices. If I place it at the top it goes above all of the other widgets. If I place it at the bottom, it goes below them all. I’m going to place it at the bottom. And then in terms of its visibility, ultimately this is only going to be available to free member, so in terms of who should see this sidebar, I’m going to say only logged in users can see it. I’m going to hit save.

Then, I think I’m going to create one more. And the one more I’m going to create is… we’re going to call this one ‘WordPress 201’. And again we’re going to put it at the bottom of sidebar one, and only logged in users can see it.

Now once we’ve done this, when we come over to our widgets panel, we now have two new sidebars. We have the free menu sub sidebar and the WordPress 201 sub side bar. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to take, we want to show all of the recent posts for the free member forum.

So Simple:Press forum actually has a widget for that, and we’re going to use that widget first. And that widget is here some place. It’s recent forum posts. Drag it over to there. And then let it say recent forum posts. It’s going to show five.

I don’t want to show the forum name here, because we know what forum it is. So we’re just going to use users name, date of post, I don’t think we care about the time of the post so we’ll leave that out. We’ll display the avatars. And then we need to put the forum i.d. in here, because I want this to only display the free member forum. So in order for me to get that forum i.d. I need to come over here back to forums. And how to install WordPress in thesis is the free one and it is i.d. one.

So come back over here, i.d. one, and we’ll hit save. And you know, we may as well do exactly the same thing for WordPress 201. And so again we’ll grab that one here, we’ll say recent forum posts. We’re not going to show the forum name. We’re not going to show the time but we will show avatars. And that form, 201 is number five. So forum i.d. is five. Okay so we have these two sub sidebars that we’ve created.

Now we want to actually apply them to a specific page and the way you do that is from the pages menu itself. So we’ll come over here to pages…. So we’re over here on the pages screen and we’re going to come down to the courses and we want the free one to be on how to install WordPress in thesis plus all of its modules.

So I’m just going to open link in a new tab, open link in a new tab, open link in a new tab…. Okay and so now what has happened is this b.y.o.b. sub sidebar options shows up here in each page and post. And so I want to display the free member sub sidebar on this page. Hit update. Close it. Display the free member sub sidebar on this page. Update. Close it. Display it.

If you don’t check the box it’s not going to display anywhere. So you can create these and not worry about them showing up where you don’t want them to show up, because they’ll only show up where you click them. In any case, what this does is it shows all the recent forum posts for the forum for this course, which is what I wanted to do.

I wanted to show all the recent posts for the forum for this course. Okay, the next thing I want to do is add an alternative method of doing that, and that’s using a different tag, and that is using this recent posts expanded tag. And the recent posts expanded tag…. If we just copy this… No actually the first thing we should do is we should add an enhanced text to free member sidebar. And let’s see, let’s copy this text from here and we’ll say ‘recent forum posts’. Paste that code. Come over and grab this template tag. Come back over and paste the code.

Now the free member forum i.d. was one, so we’ll go ahead and put a one in there. And then we’re just going to go ahead and copy that name. Okay. Save it. And we’re going to get this now in an alternative format. So if you refresh this… Now you get it in a format that looks similar to the forum itself, rather than in a list. So there may be a reason why you would prefer something like that. And so, this is the way to accomplish that then, rather than this.

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