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Lesson 12 – Strategies for Displaying Teaser Content

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In this final lesson, Strategies for Displaying Teaser Content, of our How to Create a Membership Website course we show how to display teaser content for both members and visitors of your site. We cover how to protect the page when the teaser content is for members and how to remove it for teaser content you want displayed to visitors. We also show how to style the messages and use our WP eMember Shortcodes plugin and J Shortcodes to add functionality to the message.

Display Teaser Content to Members – Watch the Video

  • The problem – Restricted Content Message
  • The solution – Display teaser content with call to action
  • Problem 2 – Upgrading an account requires the member to be logged in
  • The solution – Display teaser content with call to action to members

Preparing the Page to Display Teaser Content – Watch the Video

  • Protect the page
  • Grant Access to all members
  • Install BYOB WP eMember Shortcodes plugin
  • 3 Member/logged in conditions
    • Show only to specific member levels
    • Show to EVERYONE except specific member levels
    • Show to All Members except specific member levels

Using the BYOB WP eMember Shortcodes plugin- Watch the Video

  • Select the Number of messages to create
  • Create the message when a user doesn’t have access
    • For anonymous visitors
      • text
      • alert box
      • link
    • For members
      • text
      • alert box
      • link
  • Add the teaser content to the page
  • Wrap the protected content in show to levels tag – using the message
  • Wrap the teaser content in show to members except tag

Add styling and Functionality to the Message – Watch the Video

  • Add HTML to the message
  • Add a buy now button
  • Add a styling div
  • Add a Jshortcodes box
  • Add a Jshortcodes title

Display Teaser Content to Visitors – Watch the Video

  • Prepare the page – Remove content protection
  • Add teaser content
  • Add protected content
  • Create new message
  • Wrap teaser content in show to all except tag
  • Wrap protected content in show to levels tag

Membership Upgrades In WP eMember – Watch the Video

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