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Lesson 4 – Part 3 – WP eMember Pages and Forms Settings

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So the next thing that we are going to do is to create the Pages and Forms Settings and this is where all of those pages that we’ve created are going to start kicking in.

Create a Membership Website – WP eMember General Settings

The first thing that we are going to do is to put the URL for our login page in. If we go to pages, actually I think that even though last week I said we needed a login page, I don’t think I actually created it. So we’ll create a login page. Now we’re not going to use this login page very often; here we’ll enter “please login to your account,” and we will make the dashboard the login page.

We’re going to go ahead and say this should be #4 – publish – then we are going to view this page, grab that address, the URL, come back over to the settings and put that here. There is our login page now. We’ll get back to how we use this here in another session. I think next week on the 11th. We are not going to have classes on the 4th since it is a National Holiday in the US. But we are going to have class on the 11th and that’s when we are going to talk about this login stuff.

After the login page, we want people to be redirected to their dashboard. And so what we’ll do here is go back to Pages and go to my Dashboard and grab the Dashboard URL and put that here. Now after log out we will do the same thing as we do on the site which is to redirect the person to Home. After they log out they go back to Home so it’s just

Our registration page, the way this works is that you really have the same registration page for all membership types. And what happens is that the registration type is set by WP eStore when a purchase is made. And so we have one registration page for all our different membership types. So that means we are going to find this registration page. Ok, it is different than this one, Register for our free course page. You are going to see how that works the next time we meet but it’s not this register page.

We are now going to create another register page under my Dashboard and so we will add new. Title is “complete your registration here”.As far as your members are concerned they have already started their registration by having paid and that sort of thing and so Complete Your Registration Here is going to be under the dashboard and we are going to give it with page order 5, go ahead and publish. And then we will view this page. You can see now the Bookmark. This is the little bookmark thing right now, grab that page, the URL, come back over here and put it in that box. So there’s our Registration Page.

Then the Membership Payment/Join Page for our purposes we’re going to use our catalog page for that with products page. So if we’re come back over the site and go to products, this is the page we are going to use for that. The nice thing about the Bookmark feature is we can turn it off for pages like this and when we get to that content protection, we will be doing that so it doesn’t do this anymore. Anyway, the Payment/join page is there for products.

And then we have the profile edit page. Now we have already created that page and that page is I believe called My Profile. So we’ll view that, grab the URL, put the profile page there. Same thing is true for Support. We’ll go back here and view Member Support and put it in that spot.

And then we are not going to fill out the reset password page because what we are going to do is to let a pop-up system work for resetting a password, rather than having a specific page for that. You will see what I mean here not this week but the next time we meet or perhaps the time after that. For the time being we are just going to leave this blank. So that’s completed our General Settings.

Create a Membership Website – WP eMember Registration Form Fields

Now we have Registration Fields and we have two things to choose. The first one is that we are going to include it and the second one is that it’s going to be required. So you can include some that are not required in your registration.

So, we are going to actually require First Name and Last Name. I guess, e-mail address is automatically required, but we are not going to include in registration any of this other stuff. We will let people do it if they want but otherwise we are not even going to show these on the registration form.

Oh well, what the heck, let’s just go ahead and show it. We’ll show Phone, Company, Street, City, State, Zip, Country and Gender. And those will be available on the registration forms. The only two that will be required are these two. The nice thing about this is, in terms of the registration forms/fields, by the time they get to this, they will have already spent their money.

Ordinarily, and on WishList Member, if you put these in here, they’re going to have to fill this out before they spend the money. Before people spend money on something, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to join so you want to require as little information as possible. You want the form to be as succinct as possible. Don’t collect anything you don’t actually need before you take money. After you take money you can give them the opportunity to fill out anything they want because if they choose not to finish filling it out it doesn’t hurt you or them.

Create a Membership Website – WP eMember Edit Profile Form Fields

We also have Profile form fields and in terms of the Profile, we definitely want first name and last name as required, and we’ll include everything here, including “enable profile thumbnail image”. This just means the profile can use a thumbnail. If the member doesn’t want a thumbnail shown, they can always turn this off. This just gives you the ability to use the thumbnail image or gravatar image on their profile but it doesn’t require them to do that.

Finally we have the Login Widget Message. We are going to leave that blank for the time being once we get our login widgets set up. We can see what this does but from the time being it’s not useful to us.

I’m just going ahead and say setup options and we will have completed setting up that section.

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