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Lesson 4 – Part 4 – WP eMember Other Settings

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Email Settings

I’m going to take a couple of minutes to go through these but we’re not actually going to set any of these up now. We’ll do email settings next time. The whole email thing is kind of complex really because we have two pieces of software plus autoresponders dealing with emails. We’ve got WP eStore creating emails upon purchase. We have WP eMember creating emails at registration and at registration completion and forgot password and expirations and that kind of stuff. And then we have our autoresponders which are going to be both sending out confirmation emails of the sign up and then also welcome messages and that kind of stuff.

It is important to integrate these things together so we are going to talk about all of them together and that is going to happen next time on the 11th and that will include a conversation about how to use MailChimp and AWebber in the process for both screening spam user sign ups and also for keeping in touch with members.


The reCAPTCHA settings are next. If you choose not to use an autoresponder to prevent spam user sign ups, then you can use reCAPTCHA instead. You will only do that if you are going to manage your own email list or if you are never going to email anybody ever. If the only email that anybody is ever going to get from you are emails associated with their site, their sign up, their expiration’s and that kind of stuff, that’s not really a very good business practice.

It is much better business practice to have system where you stay in contact with your members, where you update them with new information, and where you have the opportunity to market to them as well. That is actually a much better practice for a member site and since I’m assuming and I’m teaching that that is what you are going to do, we won’t be using this reCAPTCHA settings but this is where you have set it up if you did.

Autoresponder Settings

Here is what we are going to set up autoresponder settings next time. Let us say you wanted to capture a piece of information in the set up. For example, in order for them to register, you wanted them to tell you where they heard about you. You could enable custom fields under the general settings, and here is where you would create the custom field. So you would give it a name, you would give it some extra information and that sort of thing. Like I said we are not going to do that here but that is what you would do in this section.

And that pretty much wraps up all of the general settings for setting up the WP eMember.

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