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Lesson 4 – Part 7 – Manage Content Protection From the Admin Screens

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And now what we are going to do is to dive right into managing the content protection. The first level is protection is from the WP eMember admin screens. You’re really only going to do this at the very beginning, generally speaking, because it is not particularly efficient to do when you are creating content so it is great to do it right now because nice and fast. But when you are creating the content it is easier to do it otherwise.

Create a Membership Website – General Page Protection (Public)

And so here we are in the membership level page and we are going to manage content protection. The first thing we are going to do is to select general protection. What general protection does is it requires somebody to login to view it and doesn’t distinguish between membership levels. It just says this is not open to the general public; you have to be able to login in order to see this.

You have the ability to do that for comments, categories, pages, and for posts. What we are going to do is to do it on pages here and you have two different boxes to check. One of them is the protect this content box – that’s what this means.

Then you have the next button which is disable that bookmark. So for example, you can see this bookmark here. You don’t want the bookmark on the home page, in fact, you probably don’t want the bookmark in any of the sales pages or the public pages. You probably really only want the bookmark on the blog posts and on content in there.

I’m going to digress for a moment. This is that place where that fifty shows up. You can see here all the different pages I have listed under here. If under the settings if I had picked ten in Entries per Page, which you might assume is the typical, we would only be able to see ten pages on this list. So if we update this list now, now we are going to see ten pages and we have to move through these pages in order to see the rest. I find that very irritating so instead I set mine as high as necessary in order not to do that. In fact on my regular site, I have it set to a hundred so I can see a hundred posts, pages or a hundred images because I just hate waiting for the pages to refresh.

Again we are on general protection and what we are going to do is not protect the about page. But we are going to disable the bookmark, we are not going to protect the affiliate page, we are not going to protect the blog page, we are not going to protect complete your registration here, we are not going to protect content, or courses, or forum.

We are going to protect some of these pages here. Now, I believe this is the sales page. If you look at the bottom, when I hover over this, you can see the number 22, that is the page ID number. So this is page ID number 22 even though it has the same name as this one which is 35. The one that is 35 is the one that I created for the course itself and this is the course sales page, so we are not going to protect that one and we are also not going to display the thing on it.

However, we are not going to protect this. But we will bookmark it. So then, How to create a multi-lingual website, that was a sales page again so we won’t bookmark that one and so this one is the actual product page or the course page. And then the same thing is true with this, this one is not protected, this one is, and then these are landing pages, we are not going to protect any of those landing pages and we are not going to have bookmarks on them.

Member support, we are going to go ahead and protect. We aren’t going to protect it because it’s going to be on our dashboard. Dashboard, we are going to protect, profile we are going to protect, offers we are not going to protect. And then please log in to your account, that is not going to be protected and we are not going to bookmark it, please renew your membership, that will be protected but we won’t bookmark it.

Products will not be protected and will not be bookmarked, register to our free course will not be protected or bookmarked. Terms and conditions will not be protected and not bookmarked, thank you won’t be protected or bookmarked. Thank you for trying us out won’t be protected or bookmarked, and the homepage won’t be protected or bookmarked. So that is pretty much all of that and we are going to set the protection. That is how you set the general protection for these pages.

Create a Membership Website – Free Membership Level

Now if we go to free level, the free level now is the opposite. Before we said protect it, now we say grant access to it so it is the opposite kind of thing. You only have to do this to the protected pages. And the only protected pages that we have that we are going to grant access to are, for the free member, is How to install WordPress and Thesis, and then we are going to grant access to that one, we are going to grant access to member support, we are going to grant access to the dashboard, to my profile.

We are not going to grant access to the please renew because it is a free membership. We don’t have to worry about products, register for a free course is not protected anyway. The only three protected pages that we have for this level are here and so we will go ahead and grant access to that one.

When we create more pages under How to install WordPress and Thesis like our modules, we will end up more pages that are protected but for the time being, this is it.

Then we come over to our membership site then we do exactly the same thing. We come down to How to create a membership site and we go to our course page and we are going to grant access to the course page, member support, my dashboard, and my profile and we will grant access.

Create a Membership Website – Multi-lingual Site Level

Finally we do the same thing with our multi-lingual site. How to create a multi-lingual site, number 37 is the page and then it’s the course page so we will grant access that, then we will grant access to support, dashboard and profile and then grant access.

You can do the same thing for posts if you wanted and you can do it for categories. That is if you are doing this for categories, if you are protecting it, that means that any post inside this category will be protected.

Tips and Tricks HQ suggests, and I think that this is a very bad suggestion, that you have a category for each one of your membership levels and then you just control access to those posts using a category. Now you could do that but I think you’re probably better off having a system of categories that draws people to your site. If you are going to use posts with of categories, you would be better off having teaser content on there and so then you are not going to protect categories.

Really I think a global protection is while it may seem the easiest way to do it, it’s probably not the right way to do it. That is not I’m going to teach you. Anyway, that is how you manage access for all of your pages, posts, or comments.

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