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Lesson 4 – Part 8 – Manage Content Protection From the Page and Post Screens

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However, the way you are going to do it most often is to manage your protection from your post and page screens. We are going to create a new page and we are going to call this module 1-set up hosting account. This is the first module in the free course, so I’m going to come down under courses and say How to install WordPress and Thesis and I’m going to give it an order of 1 since this is the first module.

eMember Protection Options

If we scroll down here to the bottom, there is this eMember protection options and I’m going to say yes, protect this content, and I’m going to say all levels of access have actually access to this content since this is a free course, anyone of these three will have access to that and then we can publish this.

Since that is how you are creating your content, you’re really probably creating your content after this stuff is set up. If you assign the protection level at the point of creating the content, that is probably the easiest way to do it really.

The nice thing about this is that this coordinates with the settings in the admin page and so you can change that information either here or over on the admin page that we looked at before. If we look at a different page for a moment, let’s say we look at a member support page, and we edit this. Say yes we are going to protect this content but we don’t want the free members to have access to it. You can undo that, set it, and then free members won’t have access to that support page.

This works just as well for posts as pages. If we edit this post, you will see that at the very bottom of this thing, we can choose to protect it or not. No don’t protect it, or yes please protect it, and then who you protected it for or we have categories. If we edit this category, you will see that there is no place here for you to indicate protection level which means that you can’t actually manage protection levels for categories on the category create or edit screens like you can on the posts and the pages of screens.

If you want to use a category for controlling access, then you have to do that under membership level, manage content protection, and then categories and that is where you can manage content protection.

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