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Lesson 5 – Create the Custom Front Page Template

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In this lesson fifth lesson, Create the Custom Front Page Template, of our Create a Responsive Skin for Thesis 2.0 course we create the front page template and add a feature box area in which we’ll be adding the responsive Orbit Slider. But before we add the slider we show how to provide support for it’s requirements.
The rest of the lesson is all about how to create a box for Thesis 2. We begin with an introduction to the Thesis Box Class, show how to add Options and Class and ID to Thesis Boxes. We finish the lesson by showing how to create a slider box for the Orbit Slider.

Layout  the Front Page Template

  • Create the Front Page Template
  • Feature Box Area
    • Feature Box Page
    • Slider Wrapper
  • Content Area
    • New Content Container
    • 1 Column Package
    • Front Attention Boxes
    • 3 Column Package

Provide Support for the Orbit Slider

  • Orbit slider requirements
    • theme supports post thumbnails
    • custom image size needs to be set
    • slider needs to be added.
  • Understanding WordPress featured images
    • add_theme_support();
    • add_image_size();
  • Add the image size
    • syntax – add_image_size();

Introduction to Thesis Box class

  • Minimum Requirements
    • Translation
    • HTML
  • Hello World Example
    • Create the box file
    • Copy the base code
    • Title
    • HTML
  • Add the box to the skin
    • Define a boxes class list array
    • Define an add boxes function
    • Add filter to box list

Add Options to Thesis Boxes

  • Option Parameters
    • Type
    • Width
    • Code
    • Label
    • Description
    • Tool Tip
    • Options
    • Rows
    • Default
    • Placeholder
  • Types of options
    • Text
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
    • Text area
    • Select
  • Widths
    • full
    • long
    • medium
    • short
    • tiny
  • Add text option
  • Add option to HTML
  • Make it repeatable

Add Class and ID to Thesis Boxes

  • Using Thesis global variable
  • Add class and id options
  • Add class and id to HTML
  • Add the $depth parameter

Create the Slider Box

  • Options
    • class
    • id
    • slider category
  • List the slider categories
    • get_terms()
    • args
    • create an array that can be used in a select option
  • HTML Logic
    • if the plugin exists
    • if the slider categories exist
  • HTML

Question and Answer Session

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