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Lesson 2 – Part 8 – Question and Answser Session

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Rick: Good morning Anne.

Anne: Hello.

What Does Hitting the Save Button Do to PHP and CSS Files?

Rick: You said, “Why not all the time”? I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Anne: Well, on some of the uploads, you hit the save button and made for example the color change and it required you to hit the save button but then fixing the header, you did not need to hit the save button. Is there a reason why on some of them it works?

Rick: Yes. The reason is CSS. What hitting the save button does is it takes all of the relevant CSS files and assembles them into a common layout.css file and writes that file. What I had done originally was I uploaded the version of the theme that was on my local machine that didn’t have that updated layout.css file on it.

I essentially overwrote the one that Thesis created with the blank one that was sitting on my computer so I had to hit save in order for Thesis to rewrite all of the CSS to a file. Now, when I was trying to solve the problems none of those were related to CSS, those were all PHP files and so the CSS file didn’t need to be rewritten in order for that PHP to work.

If I’m changing something in style.css, then I have to go hit save so that style.css is added to the layout.css and is served at the web page but if I’m changing something that’s not CSS based and is not showing up in style.css, then I don’t have to resave because I don’t need to reconstitute that layout.css file.

Anne: Okay, thank you.

Rick: Does that make sense?

Anne: It does makes perfect sense.

Rick: Okay. Well, I appreciate you catching my mistake. Sometimes I’m more relaxed at problem solving than I am other times. I was afraid I was making a really big mistake or a small mistake that I was never going to find misspelling Thesis. Early in my career, I misspelled Thesis all the time and there was one time I spent hours trying to find the place I misspelled Thesis because it was just some place that made the whole system fail. I’m glad you caught that.

Anne: Sure.

Rick: Okay, well have a great day.

Anne: Thank you so much.

Is it Necessary to Know How to Write the Codes?

Rick: Cathy asks whether or not it’s going to be necessary for her to know how to write the code or will I be supplying the code as I go along. Well, each lesson has a set of practice files. Lesson 1 has a set of practice files that are already loaded, Lesson 2 practice files aren’t loaded yet because I’m going to use the files that I created here in the class for the Lesson 2 practice files.

Each week you’ll have this evolving Thesis responsive child theme and at the end of it, it’ll be finished and there will be a new set of practice files with each lesson.However, if you’re going to be creating child themes, it makes the most sense to understand what some of these things do. Not necessarily remember what they do because I have to refresh my memory all the time.

But to understand how these things work together is really the meat of this course. This is what the class is really about, it’s how to do this and for you to be able to do something entirely different using the same concepts.

I hope that my explanations are clear enough and to the extent that they aren’t clear enough, I hope that you’ll take the opportunity to ask questions about them because this is the first time I’ve taught this material and my materials are always best the second time so I do want to make sure that I do everything I can to help you understand what we’re doing here but what we are doing is technical.

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