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Lesson 2 – Part 1 – Set Up Thesis Design Options

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Good morning everybody and welcome to Lesson 2 of our How to Create a Responsive Child Theme for Thesis course. In this lesson we are going to set up the file structure of our child theme and create a customized header. Before we do any of that, we need to set up Thesis Design Options.

Thesis Design Options Handout

I have a handout here that you can download and I’m going to keep on adding to this handout as each lesson progresses because we have several lessons in which we’ll be changing design options. But you do have this handout that you can download, the Thesis Design Options Handout so that you can follow along with me more easily rather than just doing this with the video.

Here we are in the, essentially a copy of lesson 1 and that we’re going to modify here today. Let’s go over to the dashboard and to Thesis design options and make a few changes first in the column section.

Customize Site Layout

We’re going to have 2 columns, the content width will be 600 pixels and the sidebar width will be 300 pixels. The column order is going to be Content, Sidebar, the HTML framework is going to be Full Width Framework rather than the Page Framework, we hit save to that. Ultimately what this theme is going to do is create a set of Thesis design options that are automatically loaded when the child theme is activated.

Customize Additional Settings

The first part of that is setting that up ourselves. Then we’ll come down to our display options and under heading, we want to show the site name in the header and show the site tagline in the header for the time being. Under comments, we want to disable comments in all pages but we don’t want to show a message that indicates that the comments are closed.

Under the Multimedia box settings, we’re going to say, “Do not show multimedia box”, that is our default behavior. Go ahead and hit Save to that. Right now, the way this works is that the child theme and Thesis both share the same set of design options.

What’s going to happen is, when we activate this new child theme, it will substitute its own design option for the Thesis design options and when we deactivate it, it will put the old Thesis design options back in place or restore Thesis back to its original condition. That’s what we’re going to do but that’s a later lesson. Right now, the child theme and Thesis are going to have the same set of design options.

Adding the Menu

The other thing we want to do here on this is add the menu. Let’s go to menu, Appearance and Menus and select the menu for the primary location, primary menu is the main menu, hit save and go back to our site. There we go, we’ve got our menu back up there. That’s setting up the basic design options and we’ll deal with whatever odd ball things that may happen when they appear.

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