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Lesson 7 – Part 2 – Setup Thesis Design Options

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We’re going to start off by setting up the Thesis Design Options. Next week, we’re going to setup a system where when somebody activates this child theme, it automatically configures Thesis Design Options. This way no explanation is necessary for how to configure the design options.

Nevertheless, before we get to that point, we’re going to end up using the Thesis Design Options to configure this. When the downloadable files for this lesson are posted, there will be again a list of the design options for Lesson 7.

Display Options

Let’s come over over here to Thesis Design Options and start off with our Display Options and Bylines. Actually, it doesn’t really matter what we do here in Bylines because we are going to completely take this Bylines thing out but let’s show post categories and show published-on but not show the name. It doesn’t matter what you do here because we’re going to remove this.

Setup Posts Format

This does matter though, the posts format. Right now, this is sort of the ordinary way of doing things. We’re going to display the full post content and you’ll show how many full posts you want to display here in a moment. In this case, we’re not going to display the full post comment, we’re going to simply display the post excerpts.

We’re not going to have to worry about this Read More link because what’s really going to happen is this is going to change up.

We’ve got our display post excerpts and if we come down to our Archives, it says select to display format for your Archive pages. Everything is the same as the home page which means that the settings that we chose for our home page are going to exist on all of our Archive Pages as well.

Let’s go down to our Home Page Display Options and under Features and Teasers, what we’ll do is set the number of featured posts to show to the maximum allowable.

Set Number of Featured Posts

In this case, it’s 3 but only because of the way I have it setup. That is the setting that’s set over here under Settings and Reading, and “Blog pages show at most” is usually set as 10. We’ll make that change and hit Save Changes. The reason I had it set as 3 is so you could see what it would like with only 4 posts.

Now, we only have 4 real posts as examples and I want you to see what the next post, previous post link look like. When this is set to 10 as it is under normal circumstances, then we would come over to Design Options and set this Features and Teasers not to 3 but in fact, to 10 because we don’t want any teasers showing up at all.

Setup Post Images and Thumbnails

The final thing we have to do is setup this Post Images and Thumbnails. The post image settings are going to be flush left with no text wrap but are going to be before post and page content. We’re not going to add a frame to the post images but we will show the post images on single entry pages and we’ll show those images on Archive pages.

The default thumbnail settings don’t matter because we’re not using thumbnails, we don’t have teasers. We don’t have thumbnails so we don’t really have to worry about this setting because it’s never going to occur in the child theme. I think that’s it, so all we have to do is hit save and we have all of our settings configured.

If we come back over and take a look at what it looks like now on our posts page, it has the post date and obviously there’s a line break and it says, “in Working with an Architect”. We’re going to change that whole thing around so it’s posted in “Working with an Architect on February 4th 2012”.

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