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Part 4 – Install WooCommerce for Genesis 2 and the Agency Theme

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Now what we’re going to do is install WooCommerce for the Genesis 2 child theme Agency. Again, we’re at 2013 style just like when we installed the ClipCart child theme.

Install WooCommerce

We’re going to come over here to the dashboard and add a new plugin. Add WooCommerce and then install it. Activate the plugin. Install the WooCommerce pages, come down to our Tools and Import, select WordPress.

Add the Sample Data

Choose our WooCommerce sample data file, download all the attachments and assign the things to me. So we’ve got our products populated and now we’re going to go back to Appearance and Themes and we’ll install Genesis again.

Install the Agency Child Theme

Then we’re going to return to our Themes page and we’re going to install the Agency child theme. Now this version of Agency is version 2.0 but we’ll go ahead and activate Agency. Notice that we get this message now, “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)”

Add the Genesis Connect Plugin for WooCommerce

Now, that’s because we need to add just one more plugin and that is the Genesis connect for WooCommerce. So we’ll come over to add new again and search for WooCommerce. There you’ll find Genesis Connect for WooCommerce. So we’ll install that and activate it. Now you’ll see that error message goes away.

Setup the Menu

Let’s go to our menus and add My Account, Checkout, Cart and Shop to the menu. Shop, and then Cart, Checkout and My Account. Save the menu. Go to Menu Locations and this is our primary menu so we’ll pick the main menu and save the changes.

Now let’s come over and look at that site. Go to our shop, again we have the setup now with four of those things across. It actually looks very similar. Again, we have fuzzy product images and that sort of thing but otherwise, it all looks pretty much as you would expect.

Theme Settings

Now, you don’t have the choice in either of these child themes of how many of these things you show across. Let’s go over to Genesis theme settings. If you’re familiar with Genesis at all, you can see that these are pretty much the same as theme settings that exists no matter what child theme you’re using. You do have the ability to play with the header and play with the background and that kind of stuff, but there’s not a whole lot you can do with any of these child themes as compared to what you can do with Thesis 2.

So those are the processes for installing Genesis. You can see, obviously, it’s slightly more complex than just taking a plugin, installing it and expecting it to work. Each of these child themes and Thesis 2.1 skin required its own specific step in order to install. But now that we have it installed, what we’re going to do is take a look at the settings.

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