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Part 4 – Install the Amazon S3 Plugin

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The next thing we’re going to do is create a digital product in WooCommerce. This was the physical product that we just created and now we are going to create a simple digital product. But since we are serving our digital products via Amazon S3 we actually need to install the Amazon S3 Plugin before we can create those products.

The Amazon S3 Plugin can be had over here at WooThemes under WooCommerce and then extensions. If you search for Amazon you’ll find this right here for US$29. I’ve purchased Amazon already for the site so I’m just going to come over to my Plugins then Add New, Upload, Choose the file, Downloads. It’s under woocommerce-amazon-s3-storage.

Amazon S3 Account

So we’ll choose that. It installs just like any other plugin. We’ll activate it and now inside of WooCommerce we have this Amazon S3 Storage set up here. Now, right off the bat you have to have an access key and a secret access key. So what we’re going to do is come over to our Amazon S3 account and set that up.

If this is all foreign to you then what you want to do is come back over to BYOB website and go into Seminars and go to the eCommerce Seminars and How to Setup Amazon S3 for Storing and Hosting Your Large Files. You really want to start off understanding the setup first because I am not going to repeat this part.

Create New Group of Users

However, what I am going to do, which is something I did talk about in that seminar, is set up a user for the store. Identity and Access Management. And we go to AWS Management Console and log in. So we’re logged in here and we’re going to come over to the IAM which is the place where you set up users.

Now, we’re going to create a new group of users and that group of users we’ll just call WooCommerce. It does not have administrator access it is going to have Read-Write Access. So we have to scroll down here to Amazon S3. Okay S3, it’s not Read Only Access it’s S3 Full Access is what we want this to have. So we have to select that and then say Continue.

Next we’re going to create this user name and the username needs a generated access key. That’s what really matters here. So we just have store for that and click Continue. Now, we’re going to download the Credentials so we have a copy that sits on our site but we’re going to show the user security credentials.

And here we have an Access ID and a Secret Access Key and this is what we needed so grab the Access ID. Let’s just go back to that plugin. So, there’s the Access ID and then again we’ll go to the Access Key. We are just going to leave this alone but we’re going to say that the URL Valid Period is 24 hours. The valid period is the number of minutes that this URL works once it has been generated that that URL. So, 24 x 60 is 1440 minutes okay? That’s how long the URL is going to be good for.

Hit Save changes and we have done everything that we need to do on this side to configure access to Amazon in order to make this work. However, now what we need to do is set up the file or add the file to the digital product.

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