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Part 1 – How to Use Child Theme Options to Control the Display of the Front Page

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Good evening everybody and welcome to Lesson 7 of Customizing Genesis Like a Pro. Tonight we are going to be talking about creating custom child theme options in the Genesis theme.

Most of you are here because you saw the two seminar series advertised called Advanced Custom Templates. There we worked on creating a magazine style template using multiple secondary loops to display different types of the content on the page.

The second will be coming soon and in that I will teach you how to create a custom landing page template with multiple content areas, similar to some of those landing page creator applications. This will involve creating custom post meta fields for the template from scratch without using a plugin.

Feature 3 Categories on the Front Page

But today we are talking about customizing the front page template and we’ll be talking about it in the context of customizing it using child theme options. And we’ll be working in the Enterprise Pro child theme.

The big idea here is to take it and essentially add components to it similar to a magazine style blog. That is, we’re going to put 3 columns of category posts here so that you can essentially feature 3 categories on the front page.

Ultimately the way we’re going to do that is to allow the end user to set the category by coming over here to Theme Settings. When we’re finished in Theme Settings there’s going to be a meta box here that will allow the end user to choose which category or tag of posts they want to display.

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