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Lesson 3 – Part 3 – Install and Tour MeasureIt Functionality

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Welcome back to Part 3 of Lesson 3 of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series. In this part of the lesson, we are going to install an add-on to Firefox called MeasureIt.

Install Add-on MeasureIt

I have Firefox up in front of me and I’m going to search for Firefox add-on and then MeasureIt. Now we’ll go ahead and select MeasureIt and what it does is it will allow us to draw on the screen rectangles and measure horizontally and vertically. Go ahead and say “Add to Firefox” and install now. We need to restart Firefox in order for us to take advantage of it so we’ll go ahead and do that now. And now we’ll just go ahead and close this window and here we are in Firefox again.

How to Use Add-on MeasureIt

MeasureIt is this little thing right down here and if you click on that, what you’ll get is a pair of crosshairs that allow you click and drag to get sizes. So for example, if you wanted to know how big this search box is, you could drag it across like that. You can see that it was 382 pixels long and 47 pixels wide. And if you want to see the size of this image, you can do the same kind of thing or if you want to see how much space there is between items or elements or how tall this is. Again, you can do the same kind of thing and when you’re done doing measurements, you can just turn it off by clicking back on that measurement icon.

It’s a very useful tool when you’re trying to figure out how much space you need or how big an element is and you’ll see me using it in other videos fairly regularly.

Okay and that wraps up Part 3, Install and Tour the Firefox add-on MeasureIt, of Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series.

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