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Lesson 3 – Part 4 – Install and Tour ColorZilla Functionality

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Welcome back to Part 4 of Lesson 3 of Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series. In this part of the lesson, we are going to install the add-on for Firefox called ColorZilla.

Install Add-on ColorZilla

I’m in Firefox and I’m going to search for Colorzilla add-on and select that top choice. Then we’ll go ahead and add it to Firefox. Go ahead and install now, restart Firefox, and then open up one our web pages. I’ll just open up

How to Use Add-on ColorZilla

This is the eyedropper here for ColorZilla. Click on that and then this cross-hairs will allow you to select a color. You can see down there in that lower left hand corner that the color is green to reflect the color that I’m hovering over and now the color is yellowish green and now purple and now blue or gray, right?

And so if you want to figure out what this color is, you can just click on that color and that fixes it. And if you come over here and right click, you can copy the RGB value or copy the hexadecimal value with a hash mark or copy the hexadecimal value without a hash mark. You can do a bunch of different things like this, so if we come down here and get out of that window, you’ve got your cursor back and you can continue to use it. If you click on the dropper again you can pick the next element and so on and so forth.

It’s a very handy little tool for helping you identify colors. It can also help you if you have forgotten a color that you used in some other place, you can always just click on and find that color again and use it again.

Okay, so that wraps up Part 4 of Lesson 3, Install and Tour the Add-on for Firefox ColorZilla, of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series.

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