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Lesson 3 – Part 5 – Install Firebug and Web Developer

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Welcome back to Part 5 of Lesson 3 of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series. In this part of the lesson, we are going to install Firebug and Web Developer for Firefox.

Why Firefox?

In the course of my work, I use 3 different browsers all day long. I use Google Chrome because it loads very quickly. I use Internet Explorer because it handles the widest array of web applications and processes and I use Firefox because it has the best developer tools.

Add-on Firebug

First, we’re going to install Firebug. Now what is this? Firebug is a tool that allows you to debug and edit any website’s CSS, HTML, and javascript. It’s also quite a bit more but we’ll just be looking at its CSS abilities in this lesson.

Go ahead and open up Firefox and then open up a new tab and search for Firefox add-ons. Here we are at the add-ons screen. Come down here into the search window and type Firebug and hit enter and here it has popped up at the very top. So come over here and select “add to Firefox”. And when this pops up, we want to say, install now. And then it asks us if we want to restart and say yes and restart. It takes a moment for it to restart after we’ve done that. And there it is, Firefox has come back and brought us back to this add-on page.

Add-on Web Developer

Now let’s go into the search bar and type Web Developer. Here we go, Web Developer pops up at the top so we’ll add that to Firefox as well and say install now to this dialogue and restart Firefox again.

There you have it. We have installed both Firebug and Web Developer for Firefox. And that wraps up the first part of this lesson.

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