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Lesson 3 – Part 1 – Install NetBeans

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Welcome to Lesson 3 of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series. In this lesson, you’re going to learn about some of the tools of the trade that will assist you in customizing your Thesis theme website. These tools are what the pros use and when we’re finished you’ll see why.

It is a fairly long lesson because we will be looking at using the code editor NetBeans and then some add-ons to Firefox including MeasureIt, ColorZilla, Firebug, and Web Developer. And then once we’ve added those website tools, we will look at how to use them all together and finally end with a practical troubleshooting problem. First, we’ll do the preparatory work before installing NetBeans.

Get the Latest Version of Java Before Installing NetBeans

We’ll begin with installing NetBeans. First though, we have to make sure we have the latest version of Java. Open up a browser window and go to java, I think it’s Then select this free download. Now, you will do this whether or not you’re working on a Mac or in Linux or on a Windows machine. Select free download and you can see that the Java is not up to date on my machine. It says it recommends an update to version 6.24.

So I’m going to go ahead and agree and start that download. When the download is completed, I’m going to run it by selecting the file and then selecting install. It’s going to go through its process of downloading this installer and installing the software. Okay now that it’s completed, it’s going to tell you that you’ve successfully installed Java. If you already have the Chrome browser installed on your computer, it could very well be that your Java is all the way up to date at which point, you won’t be requested to go through this process. Say close to that.

Get the Right Version of NetBeans

Now that our Java is up to date, we want to get NetBeans. So we do that and from this page, go ahead and select download free. And on this page here, you’re going to first select your platform – whether it’s Windows or Linux or Mac OSX. I have Windows. So you’ll select your platform and then you’ll select this version of NetBeans which is the php version.

Special Instructions for the Mac OSX

If you’re installing this on the Mac, when you select this platform, it’s important for you to first look at the minimum system requirements for the Mac. Go to Dock and Support and then you will want to go to Additional Resources and look at Using NetBeans IDE on the Mac OSX. And then in terms of the release notes, if you look at the NetBeans IDE installation instructions for Mac OSX and the NetBeans IDE 6.9 release notes, this will tell you what your minimum hardware configuration is for the Mac and this is the optimal hardware configuration. Then there are some additional instructions for installing it with the Mac.

Install NetBeans

Come back over here to the download and select our platform. We’re going to use the php version and download that. That’s a fairly large file so it probably is going to take a few moments to download. Once that has been completed, we’ll select it to make it run and say YES to the installation instructions.

The installer’s being configured then select Next, accept the licensing and terms. I would just go ahead and let NetBeans install itself where it wants. Alright, install and let it go through its process here of unpacking and installing the files.

Okay, it should get to the point at which it’s finished installation; you’ll get this little screen here. Uncheck if you want to contribute to the NetBeans projects by providing anonymous usage data and then register the NetBeans id after finishing the installation. I already have this done on my main computer so I’m going to uncheck those but you may choose to check those. And then you should be able to go to your Start menu and under All Programs, go down to NetBeans and select NetBeans IDE 6.91 and let it install.

And that wraps up Part 1 of Lesson 3 of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series.

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