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Lesson 1 – Register your Domain & Setup your Hosting Account

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This video tutorial lesson is the starting point for learning how to build your own business website. You will register a business domain name and sign up for a hosting account with BlueHost. You will also take a tour of the control panel of your new hosting company. Before starting this lesson you should select a domain name so if you haven’t already done so, you can read our article about how to choose your new business domain name.

Register your Domain Name and Sign up for a Hosting Account – Watch the Video

  • Select a Domain Name
  • Signup for Hosting
  • Account Information

Take a Tour of the Control Panel for your Hosting Account – Watch the Video

  • Understanding the BlueHost control panel
  • Preferences
  • Control Panel sections

Sign up for a hosting account

We recommend using BlueHost. While there are several good hosting providers out there BlueHost’s service is outstanding, their cost is reasonable, their system is easy to use and they have a myriad of help videos. This is the hosting provider that we use for this site. Begin the signup process by clicking on this link and then watch the video as you sign up.

Register your domain name and sign up for a hosting account now

Further Reading

If you’re like me it’s helpful to get new information like this in a couple of different formats.  For this reason I’ve included references in books and other sources for you to consider reading.

WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition – Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Chapter 6 pages 100-118

This book is well worth the purchase price and although it’s scope is somewhat different from ours it does have a wealth of information that is usefull to building and maintaining a business website.   Chapter 6 has some very useful background information about domain names and hosts.  She also describes the traditional method of installing WordPress, which should make you glad you followed this video instead.

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3 Comments… add one
3 comments… add one
  • John Cunningham May 20, 2012, 4:41 pm

    Everything has a starting point and without this basic info it would be hard to get started on BlueHost, which is one of the better hosting companies. Thanks for the demo Ricardo…